Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hal-Con 2012 Q&A with René Auberjonois

Hal-Con 2012 Q&A with René Auberjonois

Getting to go to the Q&A with René Auberjonois was an absolute dream come true for me. From the moment I saw Odo on Deep Space Nine, I adored him. A creature with a mysterious past, all alone in the universe with a strong sense of what is right and wrong... Yup, I thought he was absolutely fascinating and was the reasons I loved the show.

My favourite part of the session was hearing how the love interest between Odo and Kira started. He said that when everyone watched the episode where Odo looks at her with a sense of disappointment and shock, the staff at the show exclaimed, "Oh my god, he loves her!"

In fact, I remember that moment and how the same realization resonated in me too!

The funny thing is the actors had no idea! They were good friends and were nervous to go in that direction and felt it was quite weird but as actors, they committed to it.

Hal-Con 2012 Q&A with René Auberjonois

René also spoke how Disney was so important to his evolution as a child and getting to play Chef Louis in the Little Mermaid made him realize that now he is doing the same thing for others.

It was funny to hear him demonstrate the "tediousness" of doing the voice in the game Soul Reaver 2 for all the options:

"Go through that door!"
"Don't go through that door!"

Hal-Con 2012 Q&A with René Auberjonois

I could absolutely kick myself for not going with Reg to meet René. I had to be there for the Inner Space Q&A so I stayed in the hall, waiting as Reg/Khan got to hang out with one of my favourite Star Trek characters of all time.

Sigh... I won't be forgiving myself for that decision for a long, long time.

René was entertaining and is a true actor who puts everything into every character, no matter if it is a Disney character or a gelatinous alien.

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