Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hal-Con 2012 Miniature Painting Seminar by Ed Switzer

Hal-Con 2012 Miniature Painting Seminar

Ed Switzer of Ironmug Painting hosted the seminar on miniature panting at Hal-Con. I was excited to go to something more gaming-oriented this year and it was also, believe it or not, kind of up my alley.

Hal-Con 2012 Miniature Painting Seminar

Ed has been obsessed with this hobby for 21 years and has been a self-proclaimed professional painter for 4 years. It is clear that he is incredibly knowledgable about the subject, not to mention talented.

He had a lot of helpful advice on how to get the most out of miniature painting with the least amount of effort, discussing the benefits of batch painting for example, which saves on time and cleaning.

Hal-Con 2012 Miniature Painting Seminar

He suggested using a big brush for the base colour. Just make sure it is not too thick, more of a milk consistency. Tiny brushes are not always better. As long as a brush comes to a fine point you are good to go.

Hal-Con 2012 Miniature Painting Seminar

He mentioned that as human beings we are all prone to shake so brace your elbows on a table. To apply a wash to a miniature, dilute dark paint so it sinks into the details.

From removing years of old thick paint to how to glaze, dry brush and add highlights... Ed really covered it all.

Even though I am not a gaming miniature painter, I do like making my own pendants so a lot of the information was valid for me. I can not imagine how helpful it must have been for people new to the craft.

I found it absolutely fascinating and thought did a great job going over the essentials and basics in his seminar.

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