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June 2013 Paranormal TV New and Returning Air Dates

The Cast of Teen Wolf (Image Source)

It's getting hot out there and it looks like it will on the screen too! With June just around the corner it's time to look at the sizzling and scary shows hitting out small screens this summer. We also have a bit of a bittersweet turn this summer with several of our cancelled shows have being 'burned off' with there remaining unaired episodes coming to us this month including both Cult and 666 Park Avenue.

But let's look at the sweet before the sour; summer means the return of fan favourites from Teen Wolf to True Blood as well as series premieres like Under the Dome. If non-fiction is your thing, we have a new season of Paranormal Witness as well as the new competition/game show Exit. It's a little bit of everything this June!


Teen Wolf ~ Season 3 Premiere
Monday June 3, 2013 at 10pm on MuchMusic

Genre: Paranormal/Werewolves

Summer means Teen Wolf to me. It only started 2 years ago back in 2011, but I loved it then and looked forward to Season 2 immensely in 2012. The show it mysterious, crazy, funny and even manages some sweet romance in along with the awkward coming-of-age and coming-of-werewolf-ness. The show is so zany and mysterious, I found it hard to get details on the season without getting spoilers and I don't want to accidentally find out anything on this one. If you want to go into potential spoiler-land, you can check out this description of Teen Wolf Season 3.

Teen Wolf is an American show that's a werewolf-centric supernatural drama based on the 1985 film of the same name. The cast of season 3 includes series regulars Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Hoechlin, Holland Roden plus a few new faces. Season 3 will be 24 episodes (up from season 1 and 2 orders of 12-episodes), however I suspect we will get 12 episodes in Summer 2013 and the rest at a later time (mostly speculation derived from the back that in iTunes you can buy a seasons pass for "Part I" of Season 3 for the same amount as previous seasons). Either way, I'm happy we will be seen LOTS of Teen Wolf!

Find out more about Teen Wolf at Much


Paranormal Witness ~ Season 3 Premiere
Wednesday June 5, 2013 at 10pm ET on Space

Genre: Non-Fiction Paranormal

I was a late-comer to loving Paranormal Witness. When it first debuted it felt a little shlocky to me and a little to in the vein of Unsolved Mysteries. BUT, in Season 2 that all changed it and it became one of my favourite shows to watch every week with the spooky story, chilling reenactment and the bravery of the witnesses to shared their first hand accounts of the paranormal. The show is also very respectful of the experiences, which also really won me over and now I'm really looking forward to more.

Here is what we can look forward to in Season 3 of Paranormal Witness: "Mixing first-hand testimony with dramatic re-enactments, PARANORMAL WITNESS recreates uncanny experiences that defy explanation. In the season premiere, “The Long Island Terror,” a firefighter’s widow unwittingly buys the former home of devil-worshippers, and does battle with a demon to save her daughters’ lives."

If you are a fan of the show and want to get updates from people whose stories have been shared in previous seasons, SyFy has a "Life After Paranormals" section on their website with a fair number of updates. I love that they've included this so we can see how people are doing and get even more about their experiences.

The episode order for season 3 of Paranormal Witness is a whopping 20 episodes (up from 12 in Season 2 and 6 in Season 1); which means we could easily be scared throughout the entire summer!

See more about Paranormal Witness at


Being Human UK ~ Season 5 Premiere
Saturday June 8, 2013 at 9pm ET on Space

Genre: Paranormal

I'm thrilled to hear we will be getting the fifth and final season of Being Human (UK) this summer. It feels like it's been so long since I was up in arms about Season 4 that I think I've finally mellowed out (and that season was good, I just... had quite a reaction to it). It's been a really long and emotional journey through the seasons over the years, and although I'll be sad to see it go I am very happy we will see how it will end.

Here is a little be about how the fifth and final season of Being Human (UK) begins: "In the premiere episode, “The Trinity,” when Tom (Socha) and Alex (Bracken) decide to set him free, Hal’s (Molony) wracked by uncertainty…can he control his bloodlust? Things also get complicated with the return of Mr. Rook (Steven Robertson, LUTHER), the shady figure whose government department protects the world from supernaturals. Having been fired from the café, Hal and Tom find new employment at the Barry Grand Hotel, home to poisonous pensioner Captain Hatch (Phil Davis, Fast Girls). Unknown to the trio, his decrepit exterior hides an ancient evil that threatens not only their friendship but also the entire world."

Being Human (UK) is a British supernatural drama and it's fifth and final season (series) will have 6 episodes.

See more about Being Human (UK) at


True Blood ~ Season 6
Sunday June 16, 2013 at 9pm ET/MT on HBOCanada

Genre: Paranormal/Vampires

Easily one of the most popular, racy, crazy and loved of the vampire shows out there, this series looks like it will still be delivering the goods again and again. I'm a few seasons behind on True Blood, and it's one that feels so much more fun to be spoiler-free so I'm not going to include a season description here but you can read one over at the HBO Canada website.

True Blood is an American series based on the The Southern Vampire Mysteries novels by Charlaine Harris. Season 6 will have 10 episodes (down from it's usual 12), and stars series regulars Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley and Alexander Skarsgård.

See more about True Blood at HBO Canada.


EXIT host Curt Doussett

Exit ~ Series Premiere
Wednesday June 12, 2013 at 9pm ET on Space

Genre: Non-Fiction/Competition

Although not paranormal, this show sounds like it gets the brain going and is challenging to boot! I think I'll be checking Exit out.

Here is a series description of Exit: "In each episode of EXIT, four teams of two contestants battle to escape a series of four rooms which are each more challenging than the last. The winning team must beat the clock while solving rapid-fire brain games and navigating a bevy of terrifyingly entertaining puzzles in order to be the only team to truly exit and win the $10,000 prize."

Exit is an American game show hosted by Curt Doussett and it's premiere season is scheduled for 6 episode. Exit is based on the Japanese show "Dero!".

See more about at Exit at the shows official website.


Under the Dome ~ Series Premiere
Monday June 24, 2013 at 10pm ET/PT on Global

Genre: Science Fiction

A new science fiction show in the summer? I'm thrilled! Especially as we lost Alphas from the roster and this one is based on a Stephen King novel that's the size of a small town! How could they fit it into 13 eps and a bubble? Less than a month until we find out how!

Here is a description of Under the Dome:"Based on Stephen King’s best-selling novel, Under the Dome is the story of a small town that is suddenly and inexplicably sealed off from the rest of the world by an enormous transparent dome."

Under the Dome is an American science fiction series based on the novel Under the Dome by Stephen King. The premiere season scheduled for 13 episodes and the cast includes Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Colin Ford, Natalie Martinez, Alexander Koch, Britt Robertson, Nicholas Strong, Jolene Purdy, Aisha Hinds and Dean Norris.

See more about at Under the Dome at


Cancelled Shows Finishing Their Freshman Run

The 2012-2013 TV season had many casualties, and most of them had abrupt stops during the year and if you are curious to our thoughts you can check out the latest episode of Hexed for our 2012-13 Scorecard. Although it's sad to see them go, it is nice that we will get to see how many of them ended in the summer burn-off's listed below.

Zero Hour ~Remaining Episodes begin:
Saturday June 15, 2013 at 8pm on ABC

The conspiracy thriller of Zero Hour didn't quite work for me, as it seemed to fall into a pattern after just 2 episodes as well as swaying in a very religious direction. But I'm really glad the remaining episodes will air, and I hope they give some interest and closure to the story.

666 Park Avenue~ Remaining 4 Episodes begin:
Saturday June 22, 2013 at 9pm on ABC

666 Park Avenue was a slow-burn and a bit of a sleeper hit, it took me a fair amount of episodes to get hooked but once I was, I really was. It's been a long time since they cliff-hangered us, but I'm thrilled to see the final 4 episodes will air and I will definitely be tuning in!

Cult ~ Remaining episodes begin:
Friday June 28, 2013 on The CW from 8pm - 10pm (2 hour block)

Cult being cancelled was the biggest disappointment for me this year. I'll admit to being wary of it in the first few minutes of the very first episode, but when I realized they were *suppose* to be a bit out there I was totally hooked. The crazy-meta references, great cast (Matt Davis and Robert Knepper totally rocked the house) and bizarre, rabbit-hole(s) story line always left me wanting more. I'm thrilled The CW will be airing the final episodes of the season, and I hope a Canadian broadcaster does as well! I'll keep ya posted.

Do No Harm ~ Remaining episodes begin:
Saturday June 29, 2013 at 10pm on NBC

Do No Harm
will probably be known for the quickest cancellation of the year. I had to really work to see both episodes that air, and although this Jekyll and Hyde story was easily the most disturbing of the cancelled shows it has some great acting and phenomenal tension.

That's it for June! I'll update the post if any new shows pop up. Be sure to check out Ep 134 of Hexed where Suzie and I do our 2012-13 TV Scorecard for new shows that hit the small screen.


Unknown said...

In June of 2013 there was a paranormal ghost hunting show that consisted of a man and a woman. In one episode they were at a hotel and Masonic lodge and the woman went into a crawl space and the door slammed shut, the guy came running from the hotel where a door kept opening and a light fixture kept moving next to the door that was a room no bigger than a day room. At one point they were in the basement and there were footsteps coming right down the steps louder and louder and I think the door slammed shut! Could you PLEASE help me with the title of this show and what happened to it? My email address is

The paranormal said...

Paranormal Activity is based on supernatural powers which are beyond this world.