Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ep 144: Paranormal TV October 22 - 28, 2013

Suzie and Shannon are back this week and we are thrilled to share our thoughts on awesome episodes of Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Ghost Mine, Face Off, Fangasm and of course the return of Grimm! We also do a few general discussions a few shows that we might only touch base on here and there like Atlantis and The Tomorrow People, and we of course chat Vampire Diaries and The Witches of East End. Suzie also chimes in on her thoughts on the series premieres of both Ravenswood and Dracula. Busy week!

We'll be back next week to chat our regs, including the Fangasm finale and me might just chat about Reign. Who would have thunk it.

We have a new poll up about if you like the time coding function for the podcast, please vote if you do (or don't).  See to the right hand side on the page to vote.  Thanks!

Show Notes
Time Coding
  • 0:00 - 3:10 Intro
  • 3:10 - 10:50 News
  • 10:50 - 15:25 Ravenswood Series Premiere Pilot
  • 15:25 - 20:50 Dracula Series Premiere Pilot or The Blood is The Life
  • 20:50 - 32:25 Grimm S3 Premiere The Ungrateful Dead
  • 32:25 - 35:53 The Tomorrow People Ep 3 Girl, Interrupted
  • 35:53 - 40:20 Vampire Diaries Season S5 General Discussion
  • 40:20 - 45:20 Witches of East End S1 Ep 2, Marilyn Fenwick, R.I.P
  • 45:20 - 50:20 Atlantis Series Discussion (EP 1 - 4)
  • 50:20 - 1:05:03 The Walking Dead S4 Ep 2 and 3 Infected and Isolation
  • 1:05:03 - 1:13:52 Supernatural S9 Ep 3 I'm No Angel
  • 1:13:52 - 1:22:10 Ghost Mine S2 Ep 8 Supercharging the Supernatural
  • 1:22:10 - 1:33:35 Face Off S5 Ep 11 Dark Magic
  • 1:33:35 - 1:45:15 Fangasm S1 Ep 5 A LARP in the Park
  • 1:45:15 - 1:47:47 Outro

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Poll Results: What October Start Shows Are You Watching?

As we near the end of the month, it's time to look back at our poll for Poll Results: What October Start Shows Are You Watching? One of our most talked about shows ends up winning the poll and that is Supernatural Season 9 with a whopping 40%! It was followed closely by The Witches of East End and Arrow which got 36% and Grimm and Vampire Diaries at 32%. Over all, it looks like lots of us are watching a huge chunk of the October shows. So much to enjoy! Who needs sleep anyway?

Poll Results:
  • 40% - Supernatural S9
  • 36% - Witches of East End and Arrow
  • 32% - Grimm S3 and Vampire Diaries S5
  • 28% - The Walking Dead, The Originals, Beauty and the Beast S2, Once Upon A Time In Wonderland and Ravenswood
  • 24% - Alien Mysteries, American Horror Story: Coven and The Tomorrow People
  • 20% - Dracula
  • 4% - Falling Skies S2

Thanks to everyone who voted, it was our highest turn out yet!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Paranormal Pick of the Week: Fangasm Finale

You'd think with it being Halloween this week there would be tons of specials and shows to enjoy, but I have to tell you it's not only slim pickings but some of our shows aren't even on this week (Sleepy Hollow I'm looking at you!). But the good news is, we have and awesome finale to enjoy for this weeks Paranormal Pick of the Week with Fangasm!

Fangasm - Season 1 Finale
Tuesday October 29, 2013 at 10pm on Space

It took us a little bit for me to warm up this reality series that follows a group of interns vying for a job with Stan Lee. In part that came from the fact that the show focuses on the social dynamics in the group over the internship, but as the season trucked along we got to see all of them do some pretty amazing stuff, and some step up and some mess up. We are all human, eh? In time it did win us over and became one that we take a lot about on Hexed even with our crazy number of new shows this fall. But now it's time to find out the big question: will any of the interns will be offered a job with Stan Lee? I can't wait to find out!

Also Awesome

  • Halloween chock full'o'zombies on Space! Starting with Zombie Apocalypse at 6pm ET, Rise of the Zombies at 8pm ET and finally Zombie Night at 10pm ET all on Halloween, this Thursday October 31, 2013.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ep 143: Paranormal TV Oct 8 - 21, 2013

We are back! There are so many shows to enjoy we've decided to do a bit of a quick-per-series check in. We did decide to talk in depth on Ghost Mine which we are loving, and we also talk a lot about Face Off and Supernatural plus a special shout out to The Neighbors holiday episode. With Shannon still settling from the move and tons of spooky season stuff going on it's hard to pack it all in, but we do check in on series premieres of Alien Mysteries, The Tomorrow People, Atlantis and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and although we haven't both necessarily seen all the eps, we do share if we've liked what we've seen or are planning on watching it. Of course we check in on our other regs of Vampire Diaries, Sleepy Hollow, Fangasm and more. We hope this gets you up to speed and then next episode will be a bit more normal. Although we always run long, don't we?

Of course we will be back next week to share thoughts on the Season 3 premiere of Grimm, and the series premieres of Dracula and Ravenswood as well as checking in on our regs. The ratings system didn't quite work it's way into this week but we may try it again. We were also thrilled with how many of your voted in our October poll, that's so much for sharing what you will be watching this spooky season.

Show Notes

Time Coding
  • 0:00 - 1:55 Intro
  • 1:55 - 14:15 News
  • 14:15 - 20:55 Poll Results
  • 20:55 - 24:15 Alien Mysteries Series Premire
  • 24:15 - 28:25 The Tomorrow People Series Premiere and Ep 2 Pilot and In Too Deep
  • 28:25 - 32:00 Atlantis General Discussion
  • 32:00 - 34:55 Once Upon A Time in Wonderland General Discussion
  • 34:55 - 43:00 The Walking Dead S4 Premiere General Dis30 Days Without an Accident and Infected
  • 43:00 - 54:05 Supernatural S9 Ep1 and 2 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here and Devil May Care
  • 54:05 - 55:05 Falling Skies S2 Premiere
  • 55:05 - 1:02:05 Vampire Diaries Season S5 Ep 2 and 3 True Lies and Original Sin
  • 1:02:05 - 1:03:55 Witches of East End General Discussion
  • 1:03:55 - 1:09:39 Sleepy Hollow S1 Ep 5 John Doe
  • 1:09:39 - 1:09:37 Ghost Mine S2 Ep 6 and 7 Mystery Train and Massacre at Hell's Canyon
  • 1:09:37 - 1:31:40 Face Off S5 Ep 9 and 10 Mortal Sins and The Laughing Dead
  • 1:31:40 - 1:43:30 Fangasm S1 Ep 3 and 4 Take Me To You Lee-dar and Zombie Fanpocalypse
  • 1:43:30 - 1:48:20 The Neighbors S2 Ep 5 Challoweenuka
  • 1:48:20 - 1:51:19 Outro
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Monday, October 21, 2013

Paranormal Pick of the Week: Grimm Season 3 Premiere

We are still getting a fair amount of awesome paranormal TV debuting this week, but with a gut wrenching cliffhanger of the season 2 finale last spring, it's Grimm that gets the honour of being this weeks Paranormal Pick of the Week:

Grimm ~ Season 3 Premiere
Friday October 25, 2013 on CTV and NBC

If you aren't already a fan of the show, here is a series description to get you a sense of what it's all about:

""Grimm" is a drama series inspired by the classic Grimm Brothers' Fairy Tales. After Portland Homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli, "Turn the Beat Around") discovers he's descended from an elite line of criminal profilers known as "Grimms," he increasingly finds his responsibilities as a detective at odds with his new responsibilities as a "Grimm.""

Season 3 of Grimm will have 22 of episodes. Bring it ON! See more about Grimm at and NBC.

Also Awesome
  • Ravenswood ~ Series Premiere Tuesday October 22, 2013 on M3. This Pretty Little Liars certainly feels spooky, but we'll have to wait to see it to be 100% sure. Can't wait to check it out!
  • Dracula ~ Series Premiere Friday October 25, 2013 at 10pm ET/PT on Global and NBC. We see a lot of Dracula films over the years, but a Dracula series is a new spin and I'm so looking forward to it as it's a reimagining of the Bram Stoker novel. This British/US co-production stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Jessica De Gouw, Katie McGrath, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Nonso Anozie, Victoria Smurfit, Michael Nardone and Thomas Kretschmann; Dracula is scheduled to have 10 episodes.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

We'll Be Back!

Hey Hexed Listeners!

I know it's a crazy amazing time for paranormal TV and we wish we could dig right into lots of our shows like the season 9 premiere of Supernatural, Season 4 premiere of The Walking Dead (which is ONLINE! Even here in Canada!) or the new series Alien Mysteries.  But... Shannon (that's me!) is in the final stages of moving and well, it's just too much to get all the TV watching and the podcast in this week.

We'll certainly be back next week, and may even implement a new rating system to decide which shows to talk about.  Make sure to vote on the poll (on the top right-hand side of the site) to let us know what you are checking out this October, it will help us decide what to chat about.  Usually we go whole-hog, but with so much awesome paranormal TV to explore it might exceed even *our* limits.  We'll see!

- Shannon and Suzie

Monday, October 14, 2013

Paranormal Pick of the Week: Alien Mysteries Premiere on Space

After a few weeks of being barraged with new shows, this week things get a little lighter but definitely otherworldly and worth mentioning including this weeks Paranormal Pick of the Week of Alien Mysteries on Space.

Alien Mysteries - Series Premiere
Monday October 14, 2013 at 10pm on Space

We are very curious about this show, which feels like the format of Paranormal Witness, but with alien encounters. It's been a while since we've had a new non-fiction series so you can be certain we'll be checking this one out!

Here is the series description: "This imaginative Canadian series candidly chronicles first-person accounts of UFO sightings, alien encounters, and abductions. In each episode, dramatic re-enactments recount stunning real-life, unexplained alien experiences, taking viewers on a thrilling and sometimes terrifying journey. Their bizarre, life-altering encounters are vividly depicted using new, state-of-the-art CGI and green screen technique created by Toronto-based Acme Digital Pictures. Each story also features scientists and researchers who probe the question: How is this possible?"

See more about Alien Mysteries here.


Also Awesome:
  • Falling Skies Season 2 Premiere Monday October 14, 2013 at 9pm on Space; I was more of a fan of this one than Suzie and we are oodles behind the US airing (which has already had Season 3) but I'm still looking forward to seeing where the story goes.
  • Reign Series Premiere Wednesday Oct 16, 2013 at 8pm on M3 (and Thur Oct 17, 2013 at 9pm on The CW). Certainly not paranormal, but we've mentioned the period show Reign a few times on the podcast so if you are curious about it now is the time to check it out.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Space Orders New Science Fiction Series: Killjoys

It's always exciting to hear about new science fiction series, and we have one that is actually set in space, following bounty hunters. Killjoys is slated for 2014 and is from Lost Girl writer/creator Michelle Lovretta. And it's That works for me! We will see 10 one-hour episodes of Killjoys in 2014 on Space. And it's Canadian. Woohoo!

Want to know more? Here are all the details from press release:

"Bell Media’s Space announced today from MIPCOM, the world’s annual entertainment content market in Cannes, France, that it has ordered its latest original scripted series KILLJOYS from leading Toronto and L.A.-based television production company Temple Street Productions (ORPHAN BLACK). The brainchild of writer and creator Michelle Lovretta (LOST GIRL), KILLJOYS is an action-packed adventure series following a trio of interplanetary bounty hunters as they navigate through political turmoil, questionable morality and complicated relationships. In development since 2012 as part of Bell Media’s Writer Only Drama Development program, Space has ordered 10, one-hour episodes for delivery in 2014. KILLJOYS is executive produced by Michelle Lovretta and Temple Street’s David Fortier and Ivan Schneeberg. Michelle Lovretta is represented by Jeff Alpern of The Alpern Group, who brokered the Bell Media and Temple Street deals.

“Our audience has come to expect the most imaginative and addictive programs from Space, and KILLJOYS is no exception,” said Catherine MacLeod, Senior Vice-President, Specialty Channels, Bell Media. “We look forward to building upon our partnership with Temple Street Productions with a whole new adventure.”

“We are delighted to be working with Michelle. She is exceptionally talented and this is a terrifically exciting project,” commented Ivan Schneeberg and David Fortier, Executive Producers and Co-Presidents of Temple Street Productions. “With having such a great experience working together on OPRHAN BLACK, we are thrilled to be teaming up again with Bell Media and Space on this new action-adventure series.”

In a distant Galaxy, the people of the planet Qresh have colonized their three moons, creating four stratified worlds, each defined along socio-economic lines and rife with social unrest. In this planetary unit, known as the Quad, a highly regulated group of bounty hunters, Killjoys, are licensed to pursue a vast range of warrants throughout the galaxy. Killjoys must follow strict rules, and there are harsh consequences for veering from their mantra: “The Warrant is All”. Killjoys are not allowed to take a personal or political side in their mission, which proves to be impossible and near fatal for Dutch. Dutch is a gorgeous, complicated and deadly Killjoy at the top of her game. Her partner, John the Bastard, is a peacemaker who hates conflict.

When John’s incredibly sexy and confident brother D’avin shows up to join the partners, the dysfunctional trio’s lives become intertwined. Confined to close quarters, Dutch, John, and D’avin quickly find themselves caught in a tricky love triangle.

KILLJOYS is produced by Temple Street Productions in association with Bell Media. Production Executives for Bell Media are Trish Williams and Rebecca DiPasquale. Corrie Coe is Senior Vice-President, Independent Production, Bell Media. Catherine McLeod is Senior Vice-President, Specialty Channels, Bell Media. Phil King is President, CTV Programming and Sports. "

Friday, October 11, 2013

Haven Season 4 Begins Friday November 8, 2013 at 9pm ET/PT on Showcase (Updated Date)

I'm so excited to share that we will be returning to Haven earlier than the previously announced December 2013 return date. That's right, Haven Season 4 will premiere on Friday November 8, 2013 at 9pm ET/PT on Showcase.

Here are the details and some information on Season 4:

"Season 4 of HAVEN will now premiere on Friday, November 8 at 9PM ET/PT.

Haven Season 4 Synopsis:

Premieres Friday, November 8 at 9PM ET/PT

Season 4 of Haven picks up six months after the devastating events of the Season 3 cliffhanger in which the town was pummeled by a violent meteor storm. Audrey (Emily Rose) and Duke (Eric Balfour) vanished into thin air leaving an injured Nathan (Lucas Bryant) marooned in Haven. Rounding out the cast are Adam Copeland, Richard Donat, John Dunsworth and Kate Kelton, and recurring guest star Colin Ferguson."

Here at Hexed: Sisterhood of the Supernatural we've been fans and supporters of Haven since it's very first episode back in the Summer of 2010, and I'll be honest we got pretty miffy that Season 4 wasn't airing here so much later than the US airing on SyFy.   It's not in tandem, but now it will be earlier and I'll take that as good news any day! See podcasts & posts discussing Haven here.

Lost Girl 4-Part Web Series and Pre-Show Get Us Revved Up For Season 4

In just over a month we will see the return of Lost Girl with it's Season 4 Premiere on Sunday November 10, 2013 at 10PM ET/PT on Showcase, but we don't have to wait that long to get some fae-goodness. A 4-part web series bridging Season 3 and Season 4 begins online on October 13, 2013 over at Plus, just like with Season 3 we are getting a 1-hour pre-show with the cast on Showcase Sunday November 10, 2013 at 9PM ET/PT.

Here are all the details from the press release, please note it includes guest starts and information on the focus of Season 4:

"TORONTO, October 10, 2013 - Showcase's 'fae'mously Canadian original series, Lost Girl, returns with its highly awaited fourth season on Sunday, November 10 at its new time, 10 p.m. ET/PT. The supernatural series sees Bo (Anna Silk) face new threats as she continues to walk the middle path between Light and Dark fae, while embarking on a mission to unlock the secrets of her origin. Kicking off the 13-episode season of the top-rated, homegrown hit is a pre-show special airing exclusively on Showcase.

In the upcoming season of Lost Girl, fate casts a wide shadow over the Fae world. Viewers see the line between Dark and Light fae blurred causing Bo and company to realize that regardless of the challenges and enemies they face, they're stronger when they face them together. The fourth season features a robust lineup of guest stars including George Takei, Linda Hamilton, Mia Kirshner, Kyle Schmid, Ali Liebert and more.

Premiering on is a four-part original web series comprised of short vignettes that bridge the story between seasons three and four. In the four episodes, fans catch up with some of their favourite characters including Kenzi, Trick, Hale, Vex and Bruce, and learn of a new menace coming to threaten the Fae community in season four - the "Una Mens." Faenatics can check out the web series weekly beginning Sunday, October 13 exclusively on

Revving up the excitement, the Lost Girl pre-show features cast-on-cast interviews, exclusive webisode footage and a special season four sneak peek. During the show, cast reflects on both the past and upcoming seasons, reveal behind-the-scenes stories, and respond to fan questions. The one-hour pre-show special airs on Sunday, November 10 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Lost Girl: The Game gets an upgrade with all-new characters, mysteries, levels, challenges and puzzles added to the app. The free mobile gaming app is available for download on iOS and Android devices via

Lost Girl stars Anna Silk as the lovable succubus Bo; Gemini Award-winner Ksenia Solo as Kenzi, Bo's human sidekick and street-smart confidante; Kris Holden-Ried as Dyson, the shape shifting homicide detective and noble warrior of the Light Fae; Zoie Palmer as Lauren, the brilliant human doctor who competes with Dyson for Bo's affection; Rick Howland as Trick, Bo's grandfather and the ancient and mysterious Blood King; and K.C. Collins as Hale, Dyson's partner and a light Fae siren born of noble blood. Paul Amos returns as the ever devious Dark Fae Mesmer, Vex, and Emmanuelle Vaugier reprises her role as the deliciously evil Dark Fae leader, The Morrigan."

Season 4 of Lost Girl premieres Sunday November 10, 2013 at 10pm ET/PT and will have 13 episodes.  We here at Hexed have been fans of Lost Girl since it's very first episode. See podcasts & posts discussing Lost Girl here.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ep 142 Paranormal TV Oct 1 - 7, 2013

  • This week on Hexed Suzie and Shannon tackle the series premieres of The Witches of East End and The Originals; and it gets pretty crazy as we both aren't continuing to watch both of them! We also check in on the Season 5 premiere of Vampire Diaries, check in on Sleepy Hollow, Ghost Mine, Face Off, Paranormal Witness, Fangasm and Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  • With there being so many shows (and more coming down the pipe!) it's challenging to get everything in. But we do, for now!

  • Next Week we take a week off for Shannon's move or we might be back with a quick episode. Either way, the next time we'll chat the Season 9 premiere of Supernatural, Season 4 of The Walking Dead, check in on our new regs. We also may implement a rating system to decide which of the oodles of shows to chat about.
Show Notes:
Time Coding:
  • 0:00 - 0:40 Intro
  • 0:40 - 15:05 News
  • 15:05 - 23:47 Witches of East End Pilot
  • 23:47 - 31:20 The Originals Series Premiere Always and Forever
  • 31:20 - 42:30 Vampire Diaries Season 5 Premiere I Know What You Did Last Summer
  • 42:30 - 52:23 Sleepy Hollow S1 Ep 4 The Lesser Key of Solomon
  • 52:23 - 58:40 Ghost Mine S2 Ep 5 Ghosts of the Geiser Grand
  • 58:40 - 1:06:10 Face Off S5 Ep 8 Cosmic Circus
  • 1:06:10 - 1:11:55 Paranormal Witness S3 Ep 16 The Coven
  • 1:11:55 - 1:20:27 Fangasm S1 Ep 2 A Date with a Supermodel
  • 1:20:27 - 1:29:15 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S1 Ep2 0-8-4
  • 1:29:15 - 1:36:42 Outro
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Monday, October 7, 2013

Ravenswood Has Found A Canadian Home on M3

We finally have news of where the new series Ravenswood will be airing here in Canada: M3. Not ringing a bell? It's the re-branded Much More Music. M3 also has tons in store for us including simulcasting Vampire Diaries on Thursday nights, airing the new series Reign and a Friday night line up of Supernatural, Arrow and True Blood (Season 5). I think it's a channel that's right up our alley here at Hexed: Sisterhood of the Supernatural.

But let's get back to Ravenswood. Here are the details about the series premiere:

Ravenswood ~ Series Premiere
Tuesday October 22, 2013 at 9pm ET / 6pm PT on M3

Series Description: "A spin-off series of the top-rated drama thriller Pretty Little Liars, RAVENSWOOD is an original one-hour drama which centers on a town not far from Rosewood, Pennsylvania (the fictional town where Pretty Little Liars takes place), which has suffered under a deadly curse for generations. Five strangers suddenly find themselves connected by this fatal curse and need to dig into the town's mysterious and terrible history, before it's too late for each of them."

Sounds good to me. Will you be watching?

Paranormal Pick of the Week: Supernatural Season 9 Premiere

It's quite a busy week for season and series premieres, but I'm kicking old-school for the choice of Paranormal Pick of the Week to keep it to our roots of sibling goodness of the Winchester brothers (& co.) who return in their ninth season. That's right. Ninth season. 

Supernatural ~ Season 9 Premiere
Tuesday October 8, 2013 on CHCH and The CW
Friday October 11, 2013 on 7pm on M3

Here is a little bit about Season 9 (fair warning: it may contain spoilers!):

"Dean (Jensen Ackles) is frantic after Sam (Jared Padalecki) collapses and the doctor tells Dean his brother won’t make it. Desperate, Dean sends out an all-points bulletin via prayer to every angel in the area, asking them to help his brother. In exchange, Dean owes that angel a favour. Numerous angry angels race to find and kill Dean, but one, Ezekiel (guest star Tahmoh Penikett, Man of Steel), gets to him first. Meanwhile, Sam fights for his life and must face some familiar demons to do so. Castiel (Misha Collins) struggles to survive without powers."

Also Awesome
  • The Tomorrow People Series Premiere Wednesday October 9, 2013 at 7pm on CTV and 9pm on The CW.  I'm really looking forward to this one, and even though it's a redux of a 70's show it also sounds a lot like Alphas. But, if it's awesome - I don't care what it reminds me of!
  • Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Series Premiere Thursday October 10, 2013 at 8pm ET/PT on CityTV and ABC.   I haven't watched Once Upon A Time before but I think I'm going to jump down the rabbit hole and check out this spin-off series.
  • The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere Sunday October 13, 2013 at 9pm/8pm C on AMC. I think we're all looking forward to the return of our favourite zombie series.  After a harrowing Season 3 I'm a little scared at where they could even go this year.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ep 141 Paranormal TV Sept 24 - 30, 2013

Fall TV Premieres continue and this week Suzie and Shannon talk the series premiere of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as well as the Season 3 (or series?) finale of The Almighty Johnsons. We also chat our regular shows of Ghost Mine, an awesome episode of Face Off, briefly discuss Paranormal Witness and the new series Fangasm.

We also discuss some of the October premieres includes some just released shows and please check out our October New and Releases Post if you watch in Canada as many of our release dates and show days are slightly different.

Next Week we will be back to discuss the series premiere of The Originals, return of The Vampire Diaries, and possibly the Witches of East End (if we can watch it!) plus our regs of Face Off, Ghost Mine, Paranormal Witness, Sleepy Hollow and Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Show Notes:

Time Coding:
  • 0:00 - 1:10 Intro
  • 1:10 - 13:00 News
  • 13:00 - 27:55 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Series Premiere Pilot
  • 27:55 - 40:30 Sleepy Hollow S1 Ep 3 For Triumph of Evil
  • 40:30 - 51:32 Almighty Johnsons S3 Ep 13 (Finale) The End of the World As We Know It
  • 51:32 - 58:20 Ghost Mine S2 Ep 4 Wandering Spirit
  • 58:20 - 1:13:40 Face Off S5 Ep 7 Living Art
  • 1:13:40 - 1:16:15 Paranormal Witness S3 Ep 15 The Innocent
  • 1:16:15 - 1:23:00 Fangasm Series Premiere Beam Me Up, Stan!
  • 1:23:00 - 1:31:35 Outro

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