Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ep 143: Paranormal TV Oct 8 - 21, 2013

We are back! There are so many shows to enjoy we've decided to do a bit of a quick-per-series check in. We did decide to talk in depth on Ghost Mine which we are loving, and we also talk a lot about Face Off and Supernatural plus a special shout out to The Neighbors holiday episode. With Shannon still settling from the move and tons of spooky season stuff going on it's hard to pack it all in, but we do check in on series premieres of Alien Mysteries, The Tomorrow People, Atlantis and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and although we haven't both necessarily seen all the eps, we do share if we've liked what we've seen or are planning on watching it. Of course we check in on our other regs of Vampire Diaries, Sleepy Hollow, Fangasm and more. We hope this gets you up to speed and then next episode will be a bit more normal. Although we always run long, don't we?

Of course we will be back next week to share thoughts on the Season 3 premiere of Grimm, and the series premieres of Dracula and Ravenswood as well as checking in on our regs. The ratings system didn't quite work it's way into this week but we may try it again. We were also thrilled with how many of your voted in our October poll, that's so much for sharing what you will be watching this spooky season.

Show Notes

Time Coding
  • 0:00 - 1:55 Intro
  • 1:55 - 14:15 News
  • 14:15 - 20:55 Poll Results
  • 20:55 - 24:15 Alien Mysteries Series Premire
  • 24:15 - 28:25 The Tomorrow People Series Premiere and Ep 2 Pilot and In Too Deep
  • 28:25 - 32:00 Atlantis General Discussion
  • 32:00 - 34:55 Once Upon A Time in Wonderland General Discussion
  • 34:55 - 43:00 The Walking Dead S4 Premiere General Dis30 Days Without an Accident and Infected
  • 43:00 - 54:05 Supernatural S9 Ep1 and 2 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here and Devil May Care
  • 54:05 - 55:05 Falling Skies S2 Premiere
  • 55:05 - 1:02:05 Vampire Diaries Season S5 Ep 2 and 3 True Lies and Original Sin
  • 1:02:05 - 1:03:55 Witches of East End General Discussion
  • 1:03:55 - 1:09:39 Sleepy Hollow S1 Ep 5 John Doe
  • 1:09:39 - 1:09:37 Ghost Mine S2 Ep 6 and 7 Mystery Train and Massacre at Hell's Canyon
  • 1:09:37 - 1:31:40 Face Off S5 Ep 9 and 10 Mortal Sins and The Laughing Dead
  • 1:31:40 - 1:43:30 Fangasm S1 Ep 3 and 4 Take Me To You Lee-dar and Zombie Fanpocalypse
  • 1:43:30 - 1:48:20 The Neighbors S2 Ep 5 Challoweenuka
  • 1:48:20 - 1:51:19 Outro
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