Friday, October 11, 2013

Haven Season 4 Begins Friday November 8, 2013 at 9pm ET/PT on Showcase (Updated Date)

I'm so excited to share that we will be returning to Haven earlier than the previously announced December 2013 return date. That's right, Haven Season 4 will premiere on Friday November 8, 2013 at 9pm ET/PT on Showcase.

Here are the details and some information on Season 4:

"Season 4 of HAVEN will now premiere on Friday, November 8 at 9PM ET/PT.

Haven Season 4 Synopsis:

Premieres Friday, November 8 at 9PM ET/PT

Season 4 of Haven picks up six months after the devastating events of the Season 3 cliffhanger in which the town was pummeled by a violent meteor storm. Audrey (Emily Rose) and Duke (Eric Balfour) vanished into thin air leaving an injured Nathan (Lucas Bryant) marooned in Haven. Rounding out the cast are Adam Copeland, Richard Donat, John Dunsworth and Kate Kelton, and recurring guest star Colin Ferguson."

Here at Hexed: Sisterhood of the Supernatural we've been fans and supporters of Haven since it's very first episode back in the Summer of 2010, and I'll be honest we got pretty miffy that Season 4 wasn't airing here so much later than the US airing on SyFy.   It's not in tandem, but now it will be earlier and I'll take that as good news any day! See podcasts & posts discussing Haven here.

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