Wednesday, October 16, 2013

We'll Be Back!

Hey Hexed Listeners!

I know it's a crazy amazing time for paranormal TV and we wish we could dig right into lots of our shows like the season 9 premiere of Supernatural, Season 4 premiere of The Walking Dead (which is ONLINE! Even here in Canada!) or the new series Alien Mysteries.  But... Shannon (that's me!) is in the final stages of moving and well, it's just too much to get all the TV watching and the podcast in this week.

We'll certainly be back next week, and may even implement a new rating system to decide which shows to talk about.  Make sure to vote on the poll (on the top right-hand side of the site) to let us know what you are checking out this October, it will help us decide what to chat about.  Usually we go whole-hog, but with so much awesome paranormal TV to explore it might exceed even *our* limits.  We'll see!

- Shannon and Suzie

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