Shows We Occasionally Talk About

The Shows We Talk About - On Occasion
These are the shows that we check in on occasionally but don't talk in depth or as frequently as our regular shows. Many air in Canada after their home-country runs, or they may not be technically paranormal, or perhaps only one of us is watching them during their run. Descriptions of the shows and our reasoning is below!

Destination Truth
Non-fiction world travelling investigative show taking on myths and the unexplained. It airs way after the fact in Canada but Suzie will mention it on occasion although Shannon's a bit skeptical of it. See all podcasts and posts where we’ve discussed Destination Truth here.

Doctor Who
It's more scifi than paranormal, but we check in on Doctor Who occasionally. We both loved the first season with Matt Smith, but dropped off in the second one. See all podcasts and posts where we’ve discussed Doctor Who here.

Game of Thrones
Epic historical fantasy series based on the novels by George R.R. Martin, we actually didn't know that there *was* a paranormal angle on this one until after the fact, although sadly neither of us had channel it was on when it debuted in 2011. We may catch up with in on future episodes and have briefly chatted about it on a few episodes of Hexed. See any posts or podcasts where we’ve discussed Game of Thrones here

Haunted Collector
We chatted about this one just a few times, it’s a non-fiction show that follows paranormal investigators looking for physical items that hold a paranormal past and supernatural powers. Shannon didn’t quite take to this one so we only talked about it on occasion. See podcasts where we've discussed Haunted Collector here.

The Listener
Canadian paranormal drama centred on a telepathic paramedic who likes to help people (oh my.. why don't we chat about it more?). Odd/erratic scheduling and very procedural structure made Shannon bow out on this one. See all podcasts and posts where we’ve discussed The Listener here.

Once Upon a Time
Suzie chimes in on this one which started in October 2011 and is set in a town where fairy tales could possibly be true, but Shannon hasn’t had time to catch it yet. A more family-friendly fairy tale show over many of the others we watch. See all podcasts and posts where we’ve discussed Once Upon a Time here.

British science fiction series that's got a post apocalyptic/new world feel to it, we were drawn in early in on season one but then it fell off our schedules. See all podcasts and posts where we’ve discussed Outcasts here.

True Blood
This southern-set vampires-in-plain-sight HBO show is based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlene Harris.  It debuted in 2008 and took people by storm and pushed the boundaries (and ratings!) with it's racy and bloody content all along side love, romance and lust for power. We chatted all through Season 3 which you can find here, but neither of us had HBO Canada when season 4 started. We may do a special if/when we catch up on Season 4.