Friday, November 30, 2012

Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome Episodes 7 and 8

It's Friday which means it's time for more Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome webisodes over at Machinima Prime.  Time to see what that crazy young Adama is up to!  Here are Episodes 7 and 8 which they now appear to be consistently putting into 1 vid.  Woohoo! And smart for viewer-retention.

The series is a prequel to Battlestar: Galactica and follow a young William Adama as a rookie pilot.

See previous episodes:

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hal-Con 2012 Have Yourself a Gothic/Geeky Little Christmas

Hal-Con 2012 Have Yourself a Gothic/Geeky Little Christmas

Just a reminder about Have Yourself a Gothic/Geeky Little Christmas this weekend! That is where I will be! ~ Suzie

The one thing I regret in 2011 is I did not get to go to Have Yourself a Gothic/Geeky Little Christmas. I was on the verge of being hospitalized for pneumonia and I was so mad! This was the closest thing to a Suzie-style Christmas I was ever going to get and I could not go.

When I saw their booth at Hal-Con I had to tell them how excited I was to go this year and they happily gave me all the details.

I bought my 2 for 1 ticket to the show which you can also get at Fashionably Dead until November 1 but they have a limited quantity so get yours now!

Hal-Con 2012 Have Yourself a Gothic/Geeky Little Christmas

First prize at the show is this Part 1 and Part 2 of Niyan Arts Beowulf panels full sized low numbered exclusive series Giclee reproduction. Five feet of paintings across your wall! What is a Viking without his berserker style helm and drinking horn though? They are adding those too! Total retail value of 1st prize is approximately $1500.

I hope to cover the show for Hexed as well the first weekend in December. The event will be the Halifax Forum Venue Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm and on Sunday from 11am to 6 pm. If you see me, come say hi!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

We'll Be Back!

With it being a quiet week last week with US Thanksgiving, we've decided to give ourselves a quiet week on the podcast. Remember many of our show return this week including Supernatural, Vampire Diaries and 666 Park Avenue!

We'll be back next week to check in on all our regs!

Poll Results: What Storylines in Supernatural Are You Interested In?

We asked, you answered! With us well into season 8 of Supernatural, we wanted to know What Storylines in Supernatural Are You Interested In?

1st place - TIE: Cass and Kevin & The Book at 80% each
2nd place - Benny at 60%
3rd place - Monster-of-the-Week at 40%
4th place - Sam & Amelia at 20%
No love for: Purgatory, Anything with Guest Stars or 0% Not Watching

Thanks for voting!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Paranormal Pick of the Week: Labyrinth Miniseries on Showcase

Many of our shows are returning post-US Thanksgiving this week, but what has really caught my eye is the 2-part miniseries Labyrinth that is airing on Showcase, and with an Arthurian connection and 2 women's lives connecting through history I felt that was just enough to sneak it in as this weeks Paranormal Pick of of the Week:

Labyrinth (Miniseries)
Friday November 30, 2012 at 10pm ET on Showcase

It's based on the book by Kate Mosse, and here is a further description: "Set between modern day France and 13th century Carcassonne, two women's lives intertwine through history. Modern-day archaeologist Alice Tanner discovers skeletal remains and a labyrinth-engraved ring in a cave, attracting the attention of unscrupulous individuals. In 1209, newly married Alaïs Pelletier du Mas protects three sacred books that reveal a world-altering secret."

Labyrinth (2012 Miniseries) stars Jessica Brown Findlay as Alaïs Pelletier du Mas and Vanessa Kirbyas Alice Tanner; John Hurt (Merlin, Alien), Tom Felton (Harry Potter series), Tony Curran, John Lynch and Sebastian Stan.

Also Awesome
  • The return of Supernatural, Vampire Diaries and Beauty and the Beast.  Woohoo!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome Ep 5 & 6

It's Friday which means it's time for more Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome webisodes over at Machinima Prime.  Time to see what that crazy young Adama is up to!  Here are Episodes 5 and 6.

The series is a prequel to Battlestar: Galactica and follow a young William Adama as a rookie pilot.

I know I've said it before but I'm so happy we can view it online here in Canada, and it is pretty with all great effects.  I'll be curious to see how it continues to unfold.

See also:

Have a frakkin' good Friday!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ep 120: Paranormal TV November 13 - 19, 2012

  • We are back to chat new episodes of The Walking Dead, Grimm, Supernatural and Vampire Diaries and it's a bit of a lighter load this week (and will be next week too) with US Thanksgiving giving a week of the majority of US TV shows, but we still cram in a lot of goodness to enjoy and even thrown in some holiday film suggestions too.
  • Time Coding
  • 0:00 - 2:00 Intro
  • 2:00 - 14:38 News
  • 14:38 -27:40 The Walking Dead S3 Ep 6 Hounded
  • 27:40 - 37:25 Grimm S2 Ep 12 Season of the Hexenbiest
  • 37:25 - 46:35 Supernatural S8 Ep 7 A Little Slice of Kevin
  • 46:35 - 1:00:10 Vampire Diaries S4 Ep 6 We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes
  • 1:00:10 - 1:01:40 US Turkey Day Film Recommends (non traditional)!
  • 1:01:40 - 1:04:30 POLL results for Supernatural Poll
  • 1:04:30 - 1:06:20 Outro
  • Hexed: Sisterhood of the Supernatural 
  • All Supernatural TV. All the Time. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Paranormal Pick of the Week: Camelot and The Tempest on TCM Canada

While our friends south of the boarder are going to be chomping on turkey and shopping Black Friday deals, it's a regular week up here in Canada with the exception of having new TV episodes to enjoy slashed by half or more. But have no fear as there is always something to watch, and for this weeks Paranormal Pick of the Week we can enjoy movies on the small screen care of TCM Canada:

Camelot (1967)
Friday November 23, 2012 at 11PM ET on TCM Canada
Arthurian musical starring Vanessa Redgrave, Richard Harris and Franco Nero, directed by Joshua Logan. I thought I had seen most Arthurian films, but ran across this musical a few years ago and it was such a treat. It's amazing to see the 60's free-spirtedness eek into a classic love story, and you can't beat the cast of Richard Harris as Arthur, Vanessa Redgrave as Guenevere and Franco Nero (who is married to Vanessa Redgrave) and Lancelot. It's a beautiful film, romantic and whimsical, and it's a treat to see it being shown on TV.  If you want to see a snippet, IMDb has a sweet trailer, complete with singing.  Yes, there is singing!

The Tempest (1979)
Friday November 23, 2012 at 11PM ET on on TCM Canada
I find this to be one of the Shakespearean plays I'm continually dawn to for the mystical elements, but still have almost zero understanding of and therefore am always curious about seeing more versions. This one is from 1979, is directed by Derek Jarman and stars Peter Bull, David Meyer Neil Cunningham, Heathcote Williams and Toyah Willcox. This version looks stunning and is described as "An experimental and anachronistic adaptation of William Shakespeare's play which casts the mad Prospero as a struggling artist desperate to transform his bleak world into something more spriritually satisfying." that's enough to get me to check it out!

Also Awesome
Although it's a quiet week for most of our shows due to the US holiday there are a few that are still airing new episodes this week:
  • Mon Nov 19, 2012: New episodes of Falling Skies and Primeval: New World on Space
  • Fri Nov 23, 2012: New episode of Haven on Showcase, which should bring the Canada and US schedules into alignment
  • Sun Nov 25, 2012: New episodes of 666 Park Avenue and The Walking Dead

Friday, November 16, 2012

2013 People's Choice Awards Nominations

It official feels like we are getting close to the end of the year when award nomination announcements start hitting us left, right and centre. One of the awards I always look forward to hearing the announcement for is the People's Choice Awards here as it's truly a touchstone of what people are loving RIGHT NOW.  And I'm happy to see that many of the TV shows we discuss here on Hexed have made the nominations list including: Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead, Grimm, Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, True Blood and Game of Thrones.

The Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show category alone holds all shows we've talked about with the nominees of Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead.  Another genre heavy category is Favorite Dramatic TV Actor with the nominees of Ian Somerhalder, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Nathan Fillion and Paul Wesley.  While Favorite Dramatic TV Actress is less heavy with genre folk, Nina Dobrev of The Vampire Diaries is nominated here along with Ginnifer Goodwin of Once Upon a Time.  I was surprized at the lone 1 nomination for Grimm, however it broke into the more traditional category of Favorite Dramatic TV Show along with Once Upon a Time.  I wonder what would happen if they branched these to for specific categories, or added supporting actor/actress or guest stars.

One of my favourite categories is Favorite TV Fan Following with the Gleeks - Glee, Little Liars - Pretty Little Liars, Oncers - Once Upon a Time, SPNFamily - Supernatural and TVDFamily - The Vampire Diaries even though they all hold terms I've never even heard of!

The most nominations goes to the 11 shows included in Favorite New TV Drama: 666 Park Avenue, Arrow, Beauty and the Beast, Chicago Fire, Elementary, Emily Owens, M.D., Last Resort, The Mob Doctor, Nashville, Revolution and Vegas.  It would be hard for me to choose between all of those shows, as many of them I now watch regularly.

Vote for The 2013 People's Choice Awards here.  The awards will be broadcasted on January 9, 2013 on CBS.

2013 People's Choice Awards Nominations:


Favorite Network TV Comedy
The Big Bang Theory
How I Met Your Mother
Modern Family
New Girl

Favorite Network TV Drama
Gossip Girl
Grey's Anatomy
Once Upon a Time

Favorite Cable TV Comedy
Hot in Cleaveland
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Melissa & Joeny

Favorite Cable TV Drama
Burn Notice
Pretty Little Liars
The Walking Dead
White Collar

Favorite Premium Cable TV Show
Game of Thrones
True Blood

Favorite TV Crime Drama
Criminal Minds

Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show
Doctor Who
Once Upon a Time
The Vampire Diaries
The Walking Dead

Favorite Comedic TV Actor
Chris Colfer
Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Jim Parsons
Neil Patrick Harris
Ty Burrell

Favorite Comedic TV Actress
Jane Lynch
Kaley Cuoco
Lea Michele
Sofia Vergara
Zooey Deschanel

Favorite Dramatic TV Actor
Ian Somerhalder
Jared Padalecki
Jensen Ackles
Nathan Fillion
Paul Wesley

Favorite Dramatic TV Actress
Ellen Pompeop
Emily Deschanel
Ginnifer Goodwin
Nina Dobrev
Stana Katic

Favorite Daytime TV Host
Ellen Degeneres Show
Good Mornign America
Live with Kelly & Michael
The Today Show
The View

Favorite Late Night Talk Show Host
Chelsea Handler
Conan O'Brien
David Letterman
Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Kimmel

Favorite New Talk Show Host
Jeff Probst
Katie Couric
Michael Strahan
Ricki Lake
Steve Harvey

Favorite Competition TV Show
America's Got Talent
American Idol
Dancing with the Stars
The Voice
The X Factor

Favorite Celebrity Judge

Adam Levine
Britney Spears
Christina Aguilera
Demi Lovato
Jennifer Lopez

Favorite TV Fan Following
Gleeks - Glee
Little Liars - Pretty Little Liars
Oncers - Once Upon a Time
SPNFamily - Supernatural
TVDFamily - The Vampire Diaries

Favorite New TV Comedy
Ben &  Kate
Go On
Guys with Kids
The Mindy Project
The Neighbors
 The New Normal

Favorite New TV Drama
666 Park Avenue
Beauty and the Beast
Chicago Fire
Emily Owens, M.D.
Last Resort
The Mob Doctor


Favorite Movie
The Amazing Spider-Man
The Avengers
The Dark Knight Rises
The Hunger Games
Snow White and The Huntsman

Favorite Movie Actor
Channing Tatum
Johnny Depp
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Robert Downey, Jr.
Will Smith

Favorite Movie Actress
Anne Hathaway
Emma Stone
Jennifer Lawrence
Mila Kunis
Scarlett Johansson

Favorite Movie Icon
Emma Thompson
Maggie Smith
Meryl Streep
Michelle Pfeiffer
Susan Sarandon

Favorite Action Movie
The Amazing Spider-Man
The Avengers
The Dark Knight Rises
The Hunger Games
Men in Black 3

Favorite Action Movie Star
Chris Evans
Chris Hemsworth
Christian Bale
Robert Downey, Jr.
Will Smith

Favorite Face of Heroism
Anne Hathaway - The Dark Knight Rises
Emma Stone - The Amazing Spider-Man
Jennifer Lawrence - The Hunger Games
Kristen Stewart - Snow White and The Huntsman
Scarlett Johansson - The Avengers

Favorite Comedic Movie
21 Jump Street
Dark Shadows
Pitch Perfect
What to Expect When You're Expecting

Favorite Comedic Movie Actor
Adam Sandler
Ben Stiller
Channing Tatum
Will Ferrell
Zach Galifianakis

Favorite Comedic Movie Actress
Cameron Diaz
Emily Blunt
Jennifer Aniston
Mila Kunis
Reese Witherspoon

Favorite Dramatic Movie
The Lucky One
Magic Mike
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
The Vow

Favorite Dramatic Movie Actor
Bradley Cooper
Channing Tatum
Jake Gyllenhaal
Liam Neeson
Zac Efron

Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress
Charlize Theron
Emma Watson
Keira Knightly
Meryl Streep
Rachel McAdams

Favorite Movie Franchise
The Avengers
The Dark Knight
The Hunger Games

Favorite Movie Superhero
Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man
Chris Evans as Captain America
Chris Hemsworth as Thor
Christian Bale as Batman
Robert Downey, Jr. as Iron Man

Favorite On-Screen Chemistry
Emma/Andrew - The Amazing Spiderman
Jennifer/Josh/Liam - The Hunger Games
Kristen/Chris - Snow White and The Huntsman
Rachel/Channing - The Vow
Scarlett/Jeremy - The Avengers

Favorite Movie Fan Following
Potterheads - Harry Potter
Ringers - The Lord of the Rings
Rum Runners - Pirates of the Caribbean
Tributes - The Hunger Games
Twihards - Twilight


Favorite Male Artist
Blake Shelton
Chris Brown
Jason Mraz
Justin Bieber

Favorite Female Artist
Carrie Underwood
Katy Perry
Taylor Swift

Favorite Pop Artist
Demi Lovato
Justin Bieber
Katy Perry

Favorite Hip Hop Artist
Flo Rida
Nicki Minaj

Favorite R&B Artist
Alicia Keys
Bruno Mars

Favorite Band
Green Day
Linkin Park
Maroon 5
No Doubt

Favorite Country Artist
Blake Shelton
Carrie Underwood
Jason Aldean
Taylor Swift
Tim McGraw

Favorite Breakout Artist
Carly Rae Jepsen
One Direction
The Wanted

Favorite Song
Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen
One More Night - Maroon 5
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift
We are Young - Fun. Ft. Janelle monae
What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction

Favorite Album
Believe - Justin Bieber
Blown Away - Carrie Underwood
Overexposed - Maroon 5
Some Nights - Fun.
Up All Night - One Direction

Favorite Music Video
Boyfriend - Justin Bieber
Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen
Gangnam Style - Psy
Part of Me - Katy Perry
Payphone - Maroon 5 Ft. Wiz Khalifa

Favorite Music Fan Following
Beliebers - Justin Bieber
Directioners - One Direction
KatyCats - katy Perry
Lovatics - Demi Lovato
Selenators - Selena Gomez

Vote for The 2013 People's Choice Awards here.  The awards will be broadcasted on January 9, 2013 on CBS.

Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome Ep 3 and 4

Did you enjoy the first installments of Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome?  If so, it's time for more webisodes over at Machinima Prime with  the release of episode 3 and 4.

The series is a prequel to Battlestar: Galactica and follow a young William Adama as a rookie pilot. 

I am so happy to see that we can view it online here in Canada, and it certainly is shiny with great effects.  I'm a little more character-centric myself, especially as this is following one of my favourite characters (ever), and will be curious to see how it continues to unfold.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lost Girl Season 3 Premieres January 6, 2013

Suzie and I chatted about the return of Lost Girl in the new year on the latest episode of Hexed, but I couldn't help but share that awesome news again, especially as now their is a fabulous teaser trailer for the season premiere. I'm excited that Showcase has a YouTube channel, hopefully we will get more goodies their to enjoy! It's not far into the new year that we will have to wait for season 3, and if you are new to the show they are having special called Lost Girl ConFAEdential which is a catch up special that will "get up close and personal with the cast as they discuss the on and off camera antics of the past two seasons." Sounds good to me!

Here are the Lost Girl Season 3 Details:
Lost Girl - Season 3 Premiere on Sunday January 6, 2013 at 9pm ET/PT on Showcase
Lost Girl ConFAEdential - Sunday January 6, 2013 at 8pm ET/PT on Showcase

If you need to catch up, both Season 1 and Season 2 of Lost Girl are now available on DVD.

Suzie and I have been watching and chatting about Lost Girl from the very first episode, and have podcast all through season 1 and 2. Check out all articles and podcast episode on Lost Girl here.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ep 119 Paranormal TV Nov 6 - 12, 2012


Podcast Powered By Podbean    

  • On this weeks Hexed we chat about recent episodes of The Walking Dead, Grimm, 666 Park Avenue, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries plus the Season 2 Finale of Bedlam and 2 episodes of Haven including the recent cliffhanger part 1 of 2.
  • We also chat a bunch of news are are excited to hear that several of the new shows this season have gotten full season pick ups, plus return dates for winter shows Lost Girl and Being Human North American as well as good news for US fans of Continuum as it will be broadcasted south of the boarder.  Goooooo CanCon!
  • We'll be back next week to chat more about our regs as just about each and every one of them is new this week.  Woohoo!

    • Time Coding
    • 0:00 - 1:13 Intro
    • 1:13 - 18:30 News
    • 18:30 - 38:35 Haven S3 Ep 5 and 7 Double Jeopardy and Magic Hour Part I
    • 38:35 - 51:45 The Walking Dead S3 Ep 5 Say the Word
    • 51:45 - 1:02:57 Grimm S2 Ep 11 To Serve and Protect Man
    • 1:02:57 - 1:11:10 666 Park Avenue S1 Ep 8 Downward Spiral
    • 1:11:10 - 1:18:50 Bedlam Season S2 Ep 6 (finale) Reunion
    • 1:18:50 - 1:33:30 Supernatural S8 Ep 6 Southern Comfort
    • 1:33:30 - 1:48:30 Vampire Diaries S4 Ep 5 The Killer
    • 1:48:30 - 1:50:46 Outro
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    • Hexed: Sisterhood of the Supernatural All Supernatural TV. All the Time. 

    Monday, November 12, 2012

    Hal-Con 2012 Coverage

    Hal-Con 2012 Highlights

    Suzie had a blast at Hal-Con 2012 and shared so any memories and moments with us! Here is a handy list of all the coverage of the con she did for Hexed so you can make sure you didn't miss a thing!

    Overall Coverage
    Q and A's

    Workshops and Seminars

    Vendors and Events

    Friday, November 9, 2012

    Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome Episodes 1 and 2

    Earlier this week on Hexed Ep 118 Suzie & I chatted about Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome and it's webisodes beginning to air today over at Machinima Prime. The series is a prequel to Battlestar: Galactica and follow a young William Adama as a rookie pilot.

    I was a little concerned we wouldn't be able to see it online here in Canada but as it turns out, no worries were needed as it is now only available to watch, but also to share. See Episode 1 above and Episode 2 below.

    Poll Results: What Show Has Has the Strongest Start So Far?

    Now that we are well into the fall season it's time to take a look and see what show has had the strongest start so far, and there are ties all the way down with line, but heading the back is mysterious Haven tied with zombiefied The Walking Dead. Here are all of the results:

    1st place tie at 25%: Haven and The Walking Dead
    2nd place tie at 15%: Arrow and Revolution
    3rd place at 10%: Fringe
    4th place tie at 5%: Supernatural and Vampire Diaries
    No Love at 0% for: 666 Park Avenue, Beauty and the Beast and Grimm

    Thanks for voting!

    Wednesday, November 7, 2012

    Ep 118 Paranormal TV October 17 - Nov 5, 2012 (ish)

    On this weeks episode of Hexed, Suzie and Shannon catch up on several weeks of Supernatural, Grimm, Bedlam and Vampire Diaries, a few episdoes of Haven plus the Halloween Episode of 666 Park Avenue and also the most recent episode of The Walkind Dead. All that and news and The Mockingbird Lane Pilot too! That makes us officially caught up! Show Notes Time Coding
    • 0:00 - 1:48 Intro
    • 1:48 - 16:40 News
    • 16:40 - 31:38 The Walking Dead S 3 Ep 4 Killer Within
    • 31:38 - 47:35 Supernatural S8 Ep 3 and 4 and 5 Heartache and Bitten and Blood Brother
    • 47:35 - 1:03:50 Grimm S2 Ep 8 and 9 and 10 The Other Side and La Llorona and The Hour of Death
    • 1:03:50 - 1:13:50 Bedlam Season S2 Ep 3 and 4 and 5 Unfaithful and Jude and Dare
    • 1:13:50 - 1:21:25 Haven S3 Ep 4 and 6 (but not 5) Over My Head and Double Jeopardy and Real Estate
    • 1:21:25 - 1:27:10 666 Park Avenue S1 Ep 6 Halloween Ep: A Crowd of Demons
    • 1:27:10 - 1:44:30 Vampire Diaries S4 Ep 2 and 3 and 4 Memorial and The Rager and the Five
    • 1:44:30 - 1:50:15 Mockingbird Lane Pilot
    • 1:50:15 - 1:53:24 Outro
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    • Hexed: Sisterhood of the Supernatural All Supernatural TV. All the Time. 

    Tuesday, November 6, 2012

    Hal-Con 2012 Highlights & Costumes

    Hal-Con 2012 Highlights

    It took me almost two weeks to complete my Hal-Con coverage for Hexed and three days to cover it. It took a physical toll on me but I did it. I am sick as a dog now but I did it!

    I hope you enjoy this highlights video of the convention and at the end is a sneak peek at who will be attending in 2013!

    Hal-Con 2012 Highlights

    Steampunk was definitely all over the convention this year and this was my favourite costume of that genre.

    Hal-Con 2012 Highlights

    I think this was my favourite costume duo of all time, they were amazing. One of the women actually had talons on her feet! She could barely fit in the elevator. Amazing!

    Hal-Con 2012 Highlights

    Of course we snuck in a lot of fun too, had to get into spooky geeky nerdy groove.

    Hal-Con 2012 Highlights

    One of my favourite photos of Reg/Khan all weekend, sitting at the Steam Punk submarine photo session.

    Hal-Con 2012 Highlights

    I was beyond impressed with these ladies who brought the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 gang! So cool.

    Hal-Con 2012 Highlights

    This lovely Medusa let me take her photo as she was checking her email. Totally worked with my sensibilities, I found it hysterical.

    And here is a slide show of just about everything I saw at Hal-Con this year:

    Thank you so much for tuning in to my coverage. I hope I gave you an overview of what Hal-Con is like, although seriously, experience it for yourself. You won't be sorry!

    One of the best things I have ever done in my life. I laughed so hard, had so much fun and was even moved at times. The people of Hal-Con are some of the most beautiful I have ever met. I miss them already.

    My Hal-Con 2012 Treasures & The Fabulous Vendors

    Giant Robot Comics & Walking Dead T-Shirt at Hal-Con 2011

    Last year at Hal-Con I totally regretted not buying this Walking Dead T-Shirt from Giant Robot Comics

    Hal-Con 2012 Vendors

    So this year I went for it and picked up this one covered in zombies.

    Hal-Con 2012

    I totally love it! Absolutely worth the $25.

    I even wore it with my Hexed pants all day Sunday as I hung out with the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

    Hal-Con 2012 Vendors

    I adore the vendors at Hal-Con. Where else can you find somebody happy to pose with Duff beer like at Monster Comic Lounge?

    Hal-Con 2012 Vendors

    Celtic Mist Gift Shop was a dangerous place for me to hang out. She literally had so many things I almost bought.

    Hal-Con 2012 Vendors

    I was so tempted to get a furry hat, especially the wolf one. I love it!

    Hal-Con 2012 Vendors

    So many New Age products and even singing bowls but I still am unable to get one to sing.

    Hal-Con 2012 Vendors

    Custom Curves looked absolutely fascinating but was so busy fitting people I think I will just go visit them in person. Their work is exquisite.

    Erika at Hal-Con 2012 from Storenvy

    Erika was a total cutie and I especially adored the work she jewellery work she did with paper clay.

    My Hal-Con 2012 Treasures

    This is the pull tag I bought but I am definitely turning it into a necklace. It is so light, so pretty... I want to wear this beauty around my neck. I still can't believe I got it for only $3!

    Hal-Con 2012 Vendors

    Eternal Elf Creations was absolutely one of my favourite vendors again this year. Michelle Dawn Poirier is lovely and her chainmail work, stunning.

    Stuff I bought at Hal-Con 2011

    Last year she totally inspired me to get over my fear of resin when I bought this Goth Girl pendant from her.

    Hal-Con 2012 Vendors

    This year I could have bought absolutely everything she had for sale, I loved it all! It was so hard to choose.

    My Hal-Con 2012 Treasures

    In the end I bought this hand-painted owl pendant with a glass dome that a friend of hers had made. It is so me. I wish I could paint like that! I am wearing the pendant right now, I love it so much and it was only $10!

    Hal-Con 2012 Vendors

    This sale person at Quantum Frontier made me laugh so hard, I totally love that she had made her own Futurama brain slug. She assured me it was easy to make.

    Suzie Ridler at Michaels

    I went to Michaels and picked up some yarn to make the slug and a Firefly Jayne's hat. Seriously, the vendors rock! We picked up Munchkin Fu from Quantum Frontier which we can't wait to play!

    Hal-Con 2012 Vendors

    The ladies at Into the Mystic were so lovely and helpful. All their wares incredibly spirit and cool. Here is one of them after taking Reg/Khan's photograph.

    Hal-Con 2012 Vendors

    They are located in Cole Harbour and I might just go out there one day this winter and take them up on their free 30 minute session with their Jade Infrared Healing Mat.

    My Hal-Con 2012 Treasures & Fabulous Vendor

    Last year Rustic Revolution Pottery inspired me with her ceramic cauldrons and True Blood items. This year I fell in love with these salt spoons!

    Hal-Con 2012 Vendors

    And the zombie mugs. Who doesn't want a zombie mug?!

    My Hal-Con 2012 Treasures

    I gave in to my inner foodie and picked up the spoons for $5 each. Now even in my kitchen I will think of the fun I had at Hal-Con.

    Shopping at Hal-Con made me realized that I don't actually hate to shop (which I thought I did). No. I love to shop where there is merchandise I actually like that really suits me. It is just that it is an incredibly rare thing to happen in my life.

    Everything was fun, weird, silly, geeky and the people are so fabulous. I wish I could shop like this all the time.