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The Secret Circle: Season 1, Episode 9


Hey all, Shannon here with a new episode run down for The Secret Circle, Episode #9. To refresh your memory these are spoiler filled from the perspective of seeing just the particular episode discussed, and the episodes prior to it. Any predictions will be made from watching this (and previous) episodes, and although I have read the books by L.J. Smith that the show was based on I'm tucking away those thoughts and sticking strictly with what they say and show us in the show. Episodes 1-8 are being done retrospectively of the mid-season break, therefore no predictions will be made.

Please watch the episode first before reading to save yourself from SPOILERS for The Secret Circle: Episode #9.

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Episode 9 Balcoin

Insight into Cassie's lineage through a family tree left by a shop keeper which has Balcoin noted in her history and the witch hunters want to abduct Cassie to take her to their leaders. Jake flips sides to help Cassie, first trying to get her to leave with them but then recruiting Adam and Circle Folk to rescue her from the witch hunters at the promise of leaving Chance Harbour.

General Comments
  • Starting to see character similarities between Jake and Nick, they both have a distanced coldness to them.
  • I love how Melissa tells Diana that her cousin isn't a rebound guy although I find it a little odd because I thought Diana mentioned that Adam was really ever the only one
  • So not enough Melissa in this on
  • Still trying to figure out Jake's loyalties (if any) and what made him now be sympathetic to Cassie as he says it's not her fault (to have dark magic) and that she can fight it
  • Wild that Faye can totally read Jake lies and truths
Locations/Social Events
  • Maritime Fundraiser/Gala event hosted by Melissa's father
New Characters
  • Holdon - Melissa's cousin who Diana used to have a crush on
Character Development
  • Jane says she'll contact Henry, but Cassie reminds her that died
  • Jane also seems to have memory lapse when Cassie asks about the Blackwells, but then says she never met anyone from that side of the family and that Amelia never spoke of them
  • Jane calls Cassie Amelia to Charles
  • Holden says that he's there to help Melissa's Dad with the Gala. Last week it was said she was with her Mom - that means neither of her parents were n the fire?
  • Faye is pretty broken up of Henry's passing
  • Cassie gets abducted by the witch hunters
  • Cassie asks Jake to the fundraiser but he turns her down, he says he's not interested; and then shows up to take her to the party
  • Faye recruits Adam into keeping an eye on Jake during the Gala becuse he's been acting strange, to interested and involved in the circle activities; she also can tell wh
  • Jake tells Cassie she has to leave with him because others will come for her power
  • Witchhunters boat is made of ashwood and spells won't work on it
Witch Actions & Lore - Teens
  • Cassie brings Jake to the abandoned house, shows him the document which folds up in a particular way like a puzzle to show her family tree including John Blackwell - Cassie says this is her father and he died in the fire
  • Jake genuinely seems freaked when Cassie's family tree goes to Balcoin
  • Jake can use magic individually, with light bulbs and words he explodes other lights
Witch Lore & Actions – Adults
  • Dawn continues to try and get the crystal off Charles
  • Looks like spell Charles did on Jane isn't quite working
Witch Lore & Actions – Elders
  • Jane's memory has been tampered and is pretty off, thinking Cassie is Amelia, not remembering that Henry is dead
  • Jake says jasper is his family's stone
  • Jake reveals to Isaac that Cassie goes back to Balcoin, a family line thought to be eradicated and was at the origin black magic, Isaac says that killing Cassie isn't an option and it's for the council to decide
  • Dawn tells Charles that he has teh crystal but even so will needs her - I wonder for what?
  • Jake shows Cassie a Book of Shadows that shows how the Balcoin's would use dark magic how they could transform, one of the pages is signed Frances Balcoin, and that people will come for her powe
  • Cassie's family tree document when traced back goes to Balcoin
  • The witch hunters have a council
  • Possible reveal that Jake came back to town because he spoke to Nick and she told him about Cassie, or more specifically that a girl moved into the Blake house
  • The plan of the council is to capture Cassie and use her powers against other witches, to fight fire with fire
  • Adam figures out that Jake is witch hunter
  • Jane says that Dawn had an healthy interest in Blackwell
  • There is a second Blackwell child in the circle
Great Quotes
  • "I'd say rumours of your depression were greatly under exaggerated" - Holden to Melissa
  • Diana calls being single "Pretty empowering when she isn't desperately missing Adam"
  • "This isn't me acting like a jerk, this is me trying to be nice. I'm not interested" - Jake to Cassie

Keeping an eye on *

Left off at
  • Jake leaves with the witchhunters, and to them revealed that Cassie means something to him and circle doesn't have to be destroyed because she can fight it
  • Isaac says Cassie is not the only child of Blackwell in the circle
Keeping Tabs On....

Family Trees
  1. Balcoin/Blake's: Cassie / Amelia (confirmed dead) +John Blackwell (Cassie's father is dead) / Jane -
  2. Meade's: Diana / Charles + ______ (Diana's mother is assumed dead)
  3. Chamberlain’s: Faye / Dawn + _____ (Faye's father is dead); Henry (dead)
  4. Conant': Adam, Ethan + ______ (Adam's mother - assumed dead)
  5. Glaser's: Melissa's family: ________ + _______
  6. Armstrong's: Nick's (dead) + Jake Family: parents (Richard and Sarah) are dead
Family Book of Shadows Found (3 out of 6) as of Episode 9
  1. Diana found her family's book first
  2. Cassie found her family's book at the end of Episode 1
  3. Jake shows Cassie a book in Ep 9 (inferred it's the Armstrong's)
Kill / Saves Tally (8 / 19) :

Kills (6):
  • Charles: 2 (Amelia, Ep 1 and Nick/Abaddon in Ep 5)
  • Faye: 1-ish (Sally, Ep 2)
  • Dawn: 1 (Henry, strongly inferred that she killed him Ep 2)
  • Accidental: 1 (Heather hit by a car - Ep 4)
  • Jake: 2 (Simone, Ep 6; Calvin, Ep 7)
  • Cassie: 1 (Luke, Ep 7)
Saves (19):
  • Adam: 2 (Cassie, Ep 1; Ep 9 - from kidnapping, although kind of was collective effort)
  • Dawn: 1 (Sally - with crystal, Ep 2)
  • Cassie: 8 (Faye from Heather, Ep 4; Jake from Simone Ep 6; Diana from Luke + Adam, Melissa, Diana, Faye & Herself from the witch hunters all in Ep 7)
  • Nick: 1 (Cassie from Heather, Ep 4)
  • Jane: 6 (Saved Cassie, Diana, Faye, Adam, Nick & Melissa from Melissa while possessed by Abaddon)
  • Jake: 1 (Cassie from Simone)

Remember to check out episode 82 of Hexed where Suzie & I chat about the episode in depth including new character and the exciting showdown & explosion!

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