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The Secret Circle: Season 1, Episode 7


Hey all, Shannon here with a new episode run down for The Secret Circle, Episode #7. To refresh your memory these are spoiler filled from the perspective of seeing just the particular episode discussed, and the episodes prior to it. Any predictions will be made from watching this (and previous) episodes, and although I have read the books by L.J. Smith that the show was based on I'm tucking away those thoughts and sticking strictly with what they say and show us in the show. Episodes 1-8 are being done retrospectively of the mid-season break, therefore no predictions will be made.

Please watch the episode first before reading to save yourself from SPOILERS for The Secret Circle: Episode #7.

Also check out episode 80 of Hexed where Suzie & I chat about this episode (and Ep 6!) in depth including impressions of Jake's character and the Halloween goodness.

Episode #7: Masked

Halloween episode and it's party time at Cassie's will grandmother Jane is away, lots of abduction and lore reveals galore from how to kill a witch and Cassie's unique powers.

General Comments
  • Loved the Halloween theme
  • Hated all the abduction-ness, pretty sad that three girls can get chloraphormed at a party and no one does much about it
  • Pretty crazy that some of the most powerful witch craft we see is from the witch hunter in the group!
  • Not totally loving the 'dark magic' idea, but very curious to hear more about Cassie's family history
Locations/Social Events
  • Halloween party at Cassie's while grandmother Jane is away!
New Characters
  • Calvin Wilson who owns a antique shop, and is a witch of the adults
  • Lead Witch Hunter is Isaac (played by JR Bourne of Teen Wolf, Stargate SGI)
Halloween Costumes:
  • Cassie: Killer Bee + gets abducted
  • Diana - Vampire + gets kidnapped
  • Faye - red riding hood
  • Melissa - school girl + gets kidnapped
  • Adam - skeleton
  • Luke - gangster
  • Jake doesn't dress up
  • Faye tries to hook Cassie up with Luke
  • Adam gets mad at his Dad talking to Diana which lead to her breaking up with him\
  • Adam questions if his Dad ever loved his mom as he only talks about Amelia
  • Jake says he hadn't seen Nick for 2 years and that he wound up dead because he was playing with things he shouldn't have
    The Etticas (sp?) / The Hunters are a society who stand for 'Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live' their symbol was on the knife of Simone had
  • Cassie shares with Jake that Simone was a witch-hunter
  • Adam is not taking the break up with Diana well
  • Faye distracts Jake by coming on to him so Cassie can sneak around in his house, but notes there is something off and distant about him
  • Jake threatens Calvin if he talks to Cassie, and kills him when he tries to help
  • Adam says that Diana was his home and tries to get back together but it doesn't work, she can't work towards something you don't believe
Witch Actions & Lore - Teens
  • When Cassie is in Wilson's and mirror cracked when she touches Calvin's hand
  • Jake says the first Halloween as a witch is an important one
  • Part of the knife that Simone had is in Cassie's house and it has 2 symbols on it
  • Jake makes Cassie's car not start, unlocks Wilson's door
  • Witch cruids (sp?) a jar that when spelled can kill a witch by adding mandrake root, blood of the witch, a personal item and set on fire
  • personal item
  • Jake has a blade with symbols on it
  • Wilson's store has blade with symbols on it
  • "Let light rise out of darkness" - to spell the vessels
  • Jake spells 5 jars
  • Cassie finds a knife with symbols on it at Nick’s house
  • Jake shows her a whole whack of tools with the witch hunter symbols, and infers it's all Nick's
  • Witch hunters put them a ring of iron sulphite and try to kill them with the spelled jars but Cassie stops it
  • Jakes fakes that he was captured to try and win trust of circle folk
Witch Lore & Actions – Adults
  • Calvin visits Ethan, says he wasn't in Ethan's circle but that doesn't mean
  • Calvin mentions hunter acquaintances to Ethan, suggesting there have been conflicts before
Witch Lore & Actions – Elders
  • Jane says she isn't going to tell Henry about the circle
  • Jane finds Henry and knows where the Chamberlain crystal is.
  • Residual power and active power crossing
  • Jake says killing a bound witch the wrong way can transfer their energy
  • Ethan says everyone but Amelia was blind in the end
  • Calvin infers that Cassie doesn't know who her father is, or what he was trying to do that night as well as mentions John Blackwell
  • Calvin says he wasn't part of Ethan's circle - confirming that Ethan was likely a part of the adults circle
  • Jake steals a butterfly necklace from Cassie's room
  • Calvin says Cassie has dark magic inside her and that she needs to know so she can fight it, because he believes people can overcome who they are - Jake doesn’t believe this and kills him.
  • Hunters say that because they circle members bound their circle, they pretty much deserve what they get
  • Chamberlain crystal is revealed and taken by the person who knocks out Jane
  • Jane says there are other witches in Chance Harbour but it's hard to tell how many; after the fire everyone stopped practicing and many left town
  • Ian - young hunter
  • Luke is a witch-hunter
  • Calvin is a witch, although was not part of the adults circle
  • Jake says Cassie can't be killed how the hunters are intending to kill the circle members
Great Quotes
  • "It's Halloween, we are just blending in with all the supernatural wannabe's" - Faye
  • "You know how it is with kids, you never know which parent they are going to favour" - Calvin
  • "You were always an ass, and you always had a cruel streak but you were never distant" - Faye re: Jake
  • "You aren't the only ones to be born into a legacy, at least I can be proud of mine" - Luke on being a witch hunter
  • "I'm freeing you from a life of sin"
  • "Don't trust me huh? / Not really / That's okay, I don't mind having to earn it" - Jake/Cassie/Jake

Questions/Predictions *

Keeping an eye on *

Left off at
  • Cassie finds the document that Calvin left which has the initials 'JB'on it
  • Jane finds Henry at the lake house dead, tries to revive him with a crystal hidden in the house but is knocked out and the crystal is taken
Keeping Tabs On....

Family Trees
  1. Blake's: Cassie / Amelia (confirmed dead) + __*?*__ (Cassie's father is dead) / Jane
  2. Meade's: Diana / Charles + ______ (Diana's mother is assumed dead)
  3. Chamberlain’s: Faye / Dawn + _____ (Faye's father is dead); Henry (dead)
  4. Conant': Adam, Ethan + ______ (Adam's mother - assumed dead)
  5. Glaser's: Melissa's family: ________ + _______
  6. Armstrong's: Nick's (dead) + Jake Family: parents (Richard and Sarah) are dead
*?*Calvin says Cassie may not know who her father really is

Family Book of Shadows Found (2 out of 6) as of Episode 7

  1. Diana found her family's book first
  2. Cassie found her family's book at the end of Episode 1
Kill / Saves Tally (8 / 17) :

Kills (6):
  • Charles: 2 (Amelia, Ep 1 and Nick/Abaddon in Ep 5)
  • Faye: 1-ish (Sally, Ep 2)
  • Dawn: 1 (Henry, strongly inferred that she killed him Ep 2)
  • Accidental: 1 (Heather hit by a car - Ep 4)
  • Jake: 2 (Simone, Ep 6; Calvin, Ep 7)
  • Cassie: 1 (Luke, Ep 7)
Saves (17):
  • Adam: 1 (Cassie, Ep 1)
  • Dawn: 1 (Sally - with crystal, Ep 2)
  • Cassie: 8 (Faye from Heather, Ep 4; Jake from Simone Ep 6; Diana from Luke + Adam, Melissa, Diana, Faye & Herself from the witch hunters all in Ep 7)
  • Nick: 1 (Cassie from Heather, Ep 4)
  • Jane: 6 (Saved Cassie, Diana, Faye, Adam, Nick & Melissa from Melissa while possessed by Abaddon)
  • Jake: 1 (Cassie from Simone)
* Episode 1-8 run downs are being done retrospectively, therefore I'm omitting predictions because hindsight can (appear) to be 20/20!

Remember to also check out episode 80 of Hexed where Suzie & I chat about this episode (and Ep 6!) in depth including impressions of Jake's character and the Halloween goodness.

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