Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ep 80 Paranormal TV Oct 19-Nov 1 2011


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Suzie and Shannon are back from a busy week off in hiatus as we enjoyed family visits, festivalling and Halloween. We catch up with most of our regular shows chatting abut back to back episodes of Secret Circle, Vampire Diaries & Supernatural which all were full of guest star-o-rama. We also do a quick-ish check in on The Walking Dead, Suzie shares thoughts on the debuts of Grimm and Once Upon a Time and Shannon shares about the awesome experience of meeting Michael Biehn & Michael Eklund at Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

We'll catch up on the newest episode of Lost Girl next week and Fringe was inadvertantly not on during out two weeks off. Thankfully both shows are back along with our regs of Secret Circle, Vampire Diaries & Supernatural so next week will be another regular, packed show!

Show Notes:
Time Coding:
0:00 - 0:15: Intro
0:15 - 35:45: Catching up / News
35:45 - 49:10: Quick check in on: Once Upon a Time, Grimm, Walking Dead
49:10 - 1:08:50: Secret Circle S1 Ep6 & 7 - Wake & Masked
1:08:50 - 1:35:50: Vampire Diaries S3 Ep6 & 7 - Smells Like Teen Spirit & Ghost World
1:35:50 - 1:58:30: Supernatural S7 Ep4 & 5 - Defending Your Life & Shut Up, Dr. Phil
1:58:30 - 2:06:35: Outro

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies,

I just wanted to recommend 2 films to you. It is a bit too late for Halloween but they both have strong and intersting portails of women/girls.

The first is vampire related. Wir sind die Nacht (We Are The Night) a german film about a group of female vampires. I watched the version with the english subtitles. It gave a different view of vampires.

And the second is Tomorrow, When the War Began Set in modern Australi which is invaded. There is a race issue with the invaders I find, but the group of highschool friends who quickly become fighters is really well done. It has Phoebe Tonkin from Secret Circle playing a role opposit to her current role. The group is led by a girl. I know you ladies like strong female characters and all the ones in this film are interesting.

UK Listener

Suzie Ridler said...

Thank you UK Listener for the movie recommendations! This might be more up Shannon's alley because where I am, I'm lucky to get more than Disney movies where I live but I do hope one day I can check them out on Netflix. They sound great and you're right, we do love strong female characters. Oh I wish I could see them!