Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Joss Whedon Roundtable Discussion at Hal-Con 2011

Hal-Con 2011 Joss Whedon Roundtable Discussion

I really did not know what to expect exactly at Hal-Con 2011's Joss Whedon Roundtable Discussion. Would there be a panel? Special appearances? Videos???

It turned out to be a fantastic hanging out session with other huge fans of Joss' work. A total gab fest! As a result, instead of taking photographs and notes I captured the event in short video clips instead.

As a representative of our podcast Hexed: Sisterhood of the Supernatural, where my sister Shannon and I talk about supernatural TV shows, I just had to find out what fans thought of Joss. He comes up regularly during our discussions, especially Buffy, so I checked it out and hung out with my TV peeps.

The discussion leader Joni admitted to the room that she was not a big Xander fan at first! Absolutely shocking since he was, at least for me, my main reason for wanting to go to the special appearances at the convention! Nicholas Brendon was there that day and going to be on stage later in the afternoon. I am sure everyone else at this discussion would be sitting with me laughing with Nicolas in just mere hours.

BIG SPOILER ALERT! Do not watch this clip if you have not seen the movie Serenity! Big cathardic reveal in this video that we all felt and processed as a group.

I also thought it was quite cute how everyone there seemed to hate spoilers as much as me and Shannon do.

My husband Reg asked if fans thought Joss had at any time "jumped the shark?" He thought Joss had come close a few times but always reeled the show back in to save it. And I have to admit it was fascinating to hear what fans really thought of Riley.

I wish I had caught the moment where the topic of the new impending movie came up because it was clear most people figured that if Joss was not involved, there was no point. Our listeners will know that I am personally keeping an open mind. More Buffy in the world is just fine with me as long as it is done well.

It was a very fascinating, welcoming and open discussion with people who clearly care about Joss' TV and film worlds as much as Shannon and I do. Although we did not all agree on everything, it was fun to hang out at what felt like a Joss Whedon fan club and talk about our favourite scenes and funniest show moments.

I discovered the episode Hush with the "Gentlemen" was not only my favourite episode but just about every fan's favourite episode. We also found out that there had been a pre-con performance of Once More With Feeling! I still listen to my CD of the soundtrack on a regular basis, thanks to Shannon!

It was a ton of fun to hang out with other fans and geek out about the worlds and characters Joss has created over the years.


Joni said...

Ye goddess, I'm going to have to watch this when I get home. And remember - I said Xander redeemed himself later. I just love Spike so much he ticked me off :P

Suzie Ridler said...

You're right Joni! You absolutely did so I edited the text a bit to reflect that. I loved Spike too, one of my favourite characters of all time! Man, I miss that show!