Monday, November 14, 2011

Unofficial Blog Post about Hal-Con in Halifax, Nova Scotia Day 2

Video of us leaving to go to Hal-Con for Day 2. I apologize for the close-proximity of my face to the camera. There is only so much room in the car and after all, this is not an official blog post.

My husband Reg and I drove downtown to Hal-Con 2011 Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Comic Convention again this morning, all geared up with costumes. His was Futurama's hysterically obnoxious robot Bender and mine was rogue Goth thief Kenzi, from the TV show Lost Girl. I had been given the exciting opportunity to represent Hexed, our podcast about supernatural TV, for Hal-Con. It has to be one of the coolest events I have ever gone to.

So why do a non-official blog post? Because I just gotta talk about Hal-Con! I survived an entire weekend there, had so many adventures, have so many stories to tell I am bursting to share! But I also have to go to bed and recover (thanks fibromyalgia, you bonehead).

Bender & Me at Hal-Con 2011 in Halifax, Nova Scotia
When I took this photo I had not even had a chance to put on my black Kenzi wig yet!

Once we got to Hal-Con we immediately got Reg dressed up as Bender from Futurama (which had all sorts of crazy challenges, post on just the creation of Bender to come soon) and got in line for him to get his number for the costume contest.

Wardrobe Malfunction with Bender Costume at Hal-Con 2011 in Halifax, Nova Scotia

These were the third version of Bender's pants and they immediately disintegrated after signing up for the contest. They had to be put together with duct tape! Oh duct tape, you were our hero today.

I have now officially been introduced to the madness that is costume-making for a con. The obsession, the endless costume malfunctions and the creative problem solving. Like duct taping my husband into silver pants. I am glad I kept my costume simple because keeping up with Bender was a big job.

Crowds at Hal-Con 2011 in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Yes, a lot of my day was focused on keeping Bender on track but that is definitely part of the convention experience. I took a ton of photographs of other people's costumes too, so many fantastic outfits.

Hal-Con 2011 in Halifax, Nova Scotia

I am so glad we had a chance to attend Erin Gray's Q&A. I loved watching Buck Rogers growing up and her character Colonel Wilma was one of my favourites on the show. (I actually could never figure out why everyone loved Buck. To be honest, he kind of bugged me.) Erin's personal story moved and inspired me so much. I just can't wait to share more!

Hal-Con 2011 in Halifax, Nova Scotia

We also went to young adult paranormal fiction author Kelley Armstrong's Q&A. We got there a little early and I just had to flake out on the floor. Two full days at a convention when you have fibromyalgia is almost impossible. Somehow I made it. And I was brave and strong enough to go to the microphone and ask a question after I had a chance to sit down for a bit. Photos, videos and insights to come soon!

Costume Contest Winners at Hal-Con 2011 in Halifax, Nova Scotia

We of course attended the much-anticipated costume contest and stayed until the very end to hear the results! The costumes were absolutely top-notch and here you can see the Jules Verne Steampunk Association of Halifax Steam Punk winners were looked unbelievably gorgeous. More to come on what I learned about Steam Punk at the con to soon!

Hal-Con 2011 in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Unfortunately I missed J. G. Hertzler's talk on the main stage this morning. Unfortunately, while General Martok (OK, that is how I think of him) was being interviewed, I was attempting to keep Bender's shiny metal ass from falling apart. Thankfully I got a chance to see a bit of Hertzler's giant personality and wild character at the end of the night during the closing ceremonies. Video to come soon!

It's over??? Hal-Con 2011 in Halifax, Nova Scotia
It was quite clear that even though the lights came on, everyone wanted to hang out and not go home just yet

Yes, Hal-Con Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Comic Convention is officially over but the story has just begun. I will be writing about the workshops, interviews, costume contest, vendors... You name it! Officially coverage begins tomorrow morning once I feel human again. If I feel human again. I did sit next to a zombie mom and baby during a workshop about the paranormal.

Bender at Hal-Con 2011 in Halifax, Nova Scotia

What a weekend! It was one of the best of my life but this geek has got to go to bed. Real blogging begins Monday morning, fingers crossed.


Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

OMG Suzie it looks like you had so much fun! I loved all the pictures and I can't wait to hear more about it - after you have gotten a chance to rest up, of course :)

Suzie Ridler said...

Shannon, the only thing that was missing was you! I really wish we could have done the con together but I know you were with me in spirit. I'm putting on my blogger's hat this morning and not moving. I don't think I could which confirms I did not turn into a zombie overnight. Although I am very bleary-eyed.