Monday, November 21, 2011

More Hal-Con Venders & some of the incredible treasures I found!

Vendor at Hal-Con 2011

I had no idea just how much fun it was going to be to shop at Hal-Con 2011. I am one of those people who loathes to go to the mall. I never see anything I like and always comes home depressed. I have no interest in buying normal stuff that everyone already owns.

At Hal-Con it was a completely different story. I saw items I would never find anywhere else that were wildly creative and unique. Not only that, the vendors absolutely rocked.


Vendor Seadawg and Black & Bling at Hal-Con 2011

One of the biggest characters we met was at the Black & Bling's custom leatherwork table. The vendor was dressed up and super enthusiastic to see Bender show up at his table.

Vendor Seadawg and Black & Bling at Hal-Con 2011

The workmanship is outstanding. I wanted to hide the silly pleather bracelet I was wearing for my costume and buy a new treasure!

Vendor Seadawg and Black & Bling at Hal-Con 2011

Then I discovered these fuzzy creatures on his table! Beautiful, intricate and absolutely adorable. I loved them all. The vendor said that his friend's wife makes them and he helped her out by bringing them to the show.

He said he was also going to be at Have Yourself a Gothic Little Christmas with some more of her work so I mentioned that if she makes a whimsical but spooky little ghost for the show, I may be the customer for her. I love ghosts! I hope I find one of hers at this ultra-cool crafts show in early December.


Vendor Neil Molloy Art & Custom Apparel at Hal-Con 2011

Neil Molloy's Art and Custom Apparel had to be one of Reg's favourite vendors of the entire convention. He makes hand-painted shoes that you can custom order.

Reg immediately thought that he should connect with punk bands. His hand-painted clothing is such a subversive and artistic way to make clothing your own. Damn the man and corporate culture!

He even made the t-shirt he is wearing in the above photograph which I LOVE! He sells some pretty wild wearable art!


Vendor Shawn Orne of Witherstone Arts & Antiquities

Shawn Orne from Witherstone Gallery was a pleasure to speak to. I was surprised to find out that it is his gallery showcasing my friend Shelagh Duffet's artwork in Lunenburg. What a small world!

Stuff I bought at Hal-Con 2011 Stuff I bought at Hal-Con 2011

I bought these two stunning prints from him that will be going up in my crafts room for inspiration. The intricate detail and whimsical nature of them blow my mind and take me somewhere. My favourite kind of art.


Giant Robot Comics & Walking Dead T-Shirt at Hal-Con 2011

This vendor from Giant Robot Comics was kind enough to show off one of their Walking Dead t-shirts for me. I wish I had bought one now! I seem to be in the middle of a love-hate relationship with the show. Right now it's more love than hate. Such a cool t-shirt! Oh well, maybe next year...


Vendor Wynsome Creations at Hal-Con 2011

These Halloween-inspired penguins by Wynsome Creations' Amanda N. Ramey stole my spooky heart!

Vendor Wynsome Creations at Hal-Con 2011

I had to go back and get more photographs, this time specifically of the vampire penguin that she makes herself for around $15. She has some Christmas-inspired ones on her Etsy site right now, so cute!


Vendor Jo-Ann Shaw at Hal-Con 2011

I have an absolute obsession with miniatures. I find them fascinating and when I was speaking with Jo-Ann Shaw from Kilnworks, that fascination grew even more. She customized this castle to make it her own with stunning details.

Vendor Jo-Ann Shaw at Hal-Con 2011 Vendor Jo-Ann Shaw at Hal-Con 2011

From hacking together a miniature crystal ball to creation her own collection of books... This type of artwork is so impressive and fascinating. I could have spoke with her about it all day!

Michelle Poirier of Eternal Elf Creations

Vendor at Hal-Con 2011

While Reg was getting ready to be in the costume contest as Bender, I ran downstairs to a booth in the vendor's room to quickly buy this awesome pendant on a wild hand-made chainmail necklace that Michelle Poirier of Eternal Elf Creations created. Reg has made chainmail so I know how much time and effort went into this amazing necklace.

Stuff I bought at Hal-Con 2011

Michelle told me that the pendant was made by a local woman who can no longer make this style of pendant. Creating with resin is quite tough and toxic so this is one of her last pieces ever to be made and it is mine. It makes me fall in love with this necklace even more.

Erin Glidden

Stuff I bought at Hal-Con 2011

I have written about Erin Glidden before but just had to show off the little cute treats I bought from her and will be turning into my own jewellery. She is so talented I just had to share her work again. I really can't wait to get creative with these adorable charms!.

Me at Hal-Con 2011

I used to make jewellery before I moved to Nova Scotia but the transition from British Colubmia has been so hard. Getting into the creative spirit again has been next to impossible. Talking to the vendors and artists at Hal-Con was fun and incredibly inspiring. I think it might have been exactly what I needed to get me back into my craftsroom and start creating again.

The vendors were so friendly and I had so much fun talking to them about their amazing and unique creations. It has been my pleasure and honour to showcase them here.


Anonymous said...

Hi there! Just to let you know the link for Gothic Little Christmas leads to last years page!
This is the new one

a number of the HalCon vendors you loved are all at this show! And its just 10 days away!Check out the Prize album of giveaways for prebuying the 2 for 1 admisson tickets! They draw it live at the show :)

Suzie Ridler said...

Thank you so much for sending me the link for this year, I updated the post. I can't wait to see the vendors from Hal-Con again and meet new ones as well. Your event is totally up my alley.