Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Random Favourite Hal-Con 2011 Moments

Random Favourite Hal-Con 2011 Moments
Note spooky face watching from around the corner, love it!

Now I can not write about my favourite Hal-Con 2011 moments without beginning with their first-ever wedding proposal! I was sitting in the front row for media going, what the heck is that guy doing going up on the stage? As soon as I realized what was happening, I ran forward with the other photographers to get the shot.

Random Favourite Hal-Con 2011 Moments

It was absolutely adorablel. What a beautiful moment! They both walked off the stage together in a complete and utter daze. The man who proposed had tears in his eyes and I could see he was all choked up.

Of course, I have to share my husband's costume contest performance. He created a Bender costume and even made his own CD for his moment in the spotlight. He looked amazing as Bender, a beloved character from Futurama. Yes, I am biased but I know just how hard he worked on that costume and how long! I will be writing a post about soon.

Random Favourite Hal-Con 2011 Moments Hal-Con 2011 Costume Highlights: Bender!

I just thought this was so existential, I had to share it again. Not only is Bender holding a Bender action figure, it had been sitting besides one of my favourite games I had as a kid. I used to take my Merlin everywhere and played it forever. I have not seen one since my childhood. How weird is it that it was right beside the Bender figure? Spooky Hexed style!

Random Favourite Hal-Con 2011 Moments

Speaking of our supernatural TV podcast Hexed... I got a thrill checking out a case of True Blood at the con. Check out that robot attacking that doll! One of my favourite weird photos of the weekend.

Boba Fett & Suzie Ridler at Hal-Con 2011

The sci-fi geek in me was most thrilled to get a photograph with Boba Fett! I mean what could be cooler?!

More coverage to come and I am getting ready to share my Nicholas Brandon post with lots of videos for all you Xander fans. And yes, he is EXACTLY like Xander in real life!

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