Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Favourite Costumes at 2011 Hal-Con Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Comic Convention

Hal-Con 2011 Costume Highlights: Bender!

I will admit to being totally biased here and say that Bender was one of my favourite costumes at Hal-Con. First, because the guy inside is my husband. Second, because I know how hard he worked on that costume. Third, I duct taped his ass back together at the con.

Totally meta that he is it at one of the vendor's tables with a miniature of himself. Love it!

Hal-Con 2011 Costume Highlights: Cylon!

Another robot! You know you are at Hal-Con when you bump into a cylon!

To be honest, there were so many costumes from games I have never played, manga shows I have never watched, comics I have never read... It was a bit weird for me. They were very impressive, and I took photographs of all of them at the costume contest which I will post soon, but these are some of my personal favourite costumes.

Hal-Con 2011 Costume Highlights

After talking about the whole furry phenomenon in our Hexed podcast about the show Fanboy Confessional, I was so excited to see my first real-life furry.

Hal-Con 2011 Costume Highlights

I loved this gentleman's wolf hat so much, I asked him if would put it back on again so I could take a photograph and he was kind enough to do so. I just love that hat and he wears it well.

Hal-Con 2011 Costume Highlights

The con would not be complete without an alien race from Star Wars! Doesn't she look awesome?

Hal-Con 2011 Costume Highlights: Furries!

A couple more furries! I just love these cute little guys. Oh the work that goes into those costumes and how warm they must have been inside them. That takes dedication.

Hal-Con 2011 Costume Highlights

An absolute crowd favourite, this Ghost Buster worked an entire year on his costume.

Hal-Con 2011 Costume Highlights: Ghost Hunter

He totally deserved to win the props category for the contest. More photos of the contest to come.

Hal-Con 2011 Costume Highlights: Wonder Woman

Finally, a female superhero that made me feel like a kid again. Wonder Woman was such a powerful influence in my life growing up as a little girl and there were quite a few of them walking around.

I hope you enjoyed some of my favourite costumes! There were many more artistic, crafty, esoteric and over-the-top costumes which I will share on my costume contest post. These win my contest for the category of fan favourite.

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