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The Secret Circle: Season 1, Episode 8


Hey all, Shannon here with a new episode run down for The Secret Circle, Episode #8. To refresh your memory these are spoiler filled from the perspective of seeing just the particular episode discussed, and the episodes prior to it. Any predictions will be made from watching this (and previous) episodes, and although I have read the books by L.J. Smith that the show was based on I'm tucking away those thoughts and sticking strictly with what they say and show us in the show. Episodes 1-8 are being done retrospectively of the mid-season break, therefore no predictions will be made.

Please watch the episode first before reading to save yourself from SPOILERS for The Secret Circle: Episode #8.

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Episode #8: Beneath

With the Elders of Jane & Henry not around it's road trip to Faye's grandfather's house with most of the circle gang in tow. Bad weather leads to indoor games and drama but as the tension heats up we also have Faye 'seeing' herself as a young girl, leading Cassie to find the body of Henry's in the lake.

General Comments
  • I loved the spooky elements of this episode including the Faye's visions
  • It was really weird having an episode without Melissa in it
  • I'm horrified at the idea of Jane being controlled by Charles!
  • Jake really plays the hard-to-ready game well, still have no ideas where his loyalties lie
Locations/Social Events
  • The Lake House
New Characters
  • no new characters
Character Development
  • Faye hears and sees things throughout the episode and recollects being saved by drowning by her grandfather.
  • Charles finds Diana's book but is insistent that it stays in her hiding spot
  • On a dare (by Diana), Cassie kisses Jake - and then later makes a pass at him
  • So much messiness when they play Truth or Dare - great scene
  • Diana and Adam argue and have angry make up making out; but Diana says they can't go back to being together
Witch Actions & Lore - Teens
  • Jake encourages Cassie to do magic together without chanting
  • Jake tries to get Cassie to do magic on her own but she doesn't succumb to it
  • Faye hears and sees things throughout the episode, specifically a girl asking for help and rain boots, getting attacked by stuff while in the bath and seeing a young version of herself. She also recollects being saved by drowning by her grandfather.
  • Cassie also sees the girl and when she places her hands in the water of the lake, Henry's body floats to the surface
  • Jake says seeing someone else memories is pretty big time magic
Witch Lore & Actions – Adults
  • Jane is brought back from the Lake House by Charles
  • Charles reveals to Dawn that he has the crystal
  • Charles and Dawn check out the clubhouse, note books Crowley's 777 & Holden's spellcraft while looking for the Book of Shadows
  • Charles reflecting on early days of witchcraft says it was fun before Blackwell
Witch Lore & Actions – Elders
  • Jane becomes under the control of Charles through his use of the Chamberlain crystal
  • Henry being killed incorrectly lead to the circle being able to find him as his energy was still present
    • Cassie shares the document briefly with Diana, Faye, Adam and Jake and notes JB are her grandmother's initials
    • Faye notes all of the witch hunters came after Cassie came to town, Diana says it all happens after they bound the circle
    • Inference that Jake doesn't know how to kill a witch with dark magic
    • Jake says true power is something you are born with
    • Jane says there are other witches in Chance Harbour but it's hard to tell how many; after the fire everyone stopped practicing and many left town
    • Ian - young hunter
    • Luke is a witch-hunter
    • Calvin is a witch, although was not part of the adults circle
    • Jake says Cassie can't be killed how the hunters are intending to kill the circle members
    Great Quotes
    • "Doing magic with someone can tell you a lot about them" - Jake to Cassie
    • "The game is not called Truth or Fair" - Faye
    • "You are not a freak, just...surprizing" - Jake re: Cassie
    • "I don't want you to find out that you are okay without me" - Adam to Diana
    Questions/Predictions *

    Keeping an eye on *

    Left off at
    • It's revealed that Henry is dead
    • Isaac says it's time for the witches to die, not abiding by Jake's warning that there is something different about Cassie
    • Jane doesn't even remember what really happened in the Lake House
    Keeping Tabs On....

    Family Trees
    1. Blake's: Cassie / Amelia (confirmed dead) + __unconfirmed__ (Cassie's father is dead) / Jane
    2. Meade's: Diana / Charles + ______ (Diana's mother is assumed dead)
    3. Chamberlain’s: Faye / Dawn + _____ (Faye's father is dead); Henry (dead)
    4. Conant': Adam, Ethan + ______ (Adam's mother - assumed dead)
    5. Glaser's: Melissa's family: ________ + _______
    6. Armstrong's: Nick's (dead) + Jake Family: parents (Richard and Sarah) are dead
    Family Book of Shadows Found (2 out of 6) as of Episode 8
    1. Diana found her family's book first
    2. Cassie found her family's book at the end of Episode 1
    Kill / Saves Tally (8 / 18) :

    Kills (6):
    • Charles: 2 (Amelia, Ep 1 and Nick/Abaddon in Ep 5)
    • Faye: 1-ish (Sally, Ep 2)
    • Dawn: 1 (Henry, strongly inferred that she killed him Ep 2)
    • Accidental: 1 (Heather hit by a car - Ep 4)
    • Jake: 2 (Simone, Ep 6; Calvin, Ep 7)
    • Cassie: 1 (Luke, Ep 7)
    Saves (18):
    • Adam: 1 (Cassie, Ep 1)
    • Dawn: 1 (Sally - with crystal, Ep 2)
    • Cassie: 8 (Faye from Heather, Ep 4; Jake from Simone Ep 6; Diana from Luke + Adam, Melissa, Diana, Faye & Herself from the witch hunters all in Ep 7)
    • Nick: 1 (Cassie from Heather, Ep 4)
    • Jane: 6 (Saved Cassie, Diana, Faye, Adam, Nick & Melissa from Melissa while possessed by Abaddon)
    • Jake: 1 (Cassie from Simone)
    * Episode 1-8 run downs are being done retrospectively, therefore I'm omitting predictions because hindsight can (appear) to be 20/20!

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