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The Secret Circle: Season 1, Episode 11


Hey all, Shannon here with a new episode run down for The Secret Circle, Episode #11. To refresh your memory these are spoiler filled from the perspective of seeing just the particular episode noted, and the episodes prior to it. Please watch the episode first before reading to save yourself from SPOILERS for The Secret Circle: Episode #11.

Episode #11: Fire/Ice

Social event time! Diana is set on having a good time at the Fire & Ice dance and pulls Cassie & Melissa into the fun. Before it's time to boogie Cassie & Adam go into research mode finding that Cassie's father holds the deed to the abandoned house and in the house, and in Cassie's book there is a symbol for drawing out dark magic. Turns out that's the page Faye stole and she enlists Lee's help to do the spell and draw out Cassie's dark magic to use for solo magic.

General Comments
  • Adam looks really sweet at the dance, all dressed up! Such a guy though, automatically thinks that because him and Diana are broken up that Cassie will see him.
  • Really heartbreaking scene with Adam and Diana, when he basically asks her to tell Cassie it's okay to hang out together and being as nice as she is Diana agrees.
Locations/Social Events
  • Fire/Ice Winter Dance
  • 7 Briar Hill is the abandoned house and the deed was held by Cassie's father
Character Development
  • Ethan says he hasn't had a drink in a few weeks
  • Cassie tries to get Ethan to talk about her father
  • Faye is able to do solo magic through a ritual with Lee
  • Melissa has a fainting spell during the time and hits her head in the washroom
  • Diana faints while Faye does solo magic
  • Melissa offers to help with dance and hang out with Diana & Cassie
  • Adam asks to take to the dance and she turns him down, she says she doesn't want to jeopardize her friendship with Diana
  • Cute scene with Melissa & Diana where they harken back on why they stopped being friends and also both talk about how they are scared of the power and power hungry-ness of Cassie & Faye.
Witch Lore & Actions - Teens
  • Daina & Cassie try to change Diana's dress from blue to red but it goes up in flames
  • Cassie thinks she sees Jake, but it turns out to be someone else
  • Lee says the spell is to extract dark magic and that they can channel and tether it into Faye through a personal item of hers
  • Lee performs a ritual on Faye to channel/tether Cassie's dark magic to her
  • Once the ritual is completed Melissa, Adam and Diana start to feel dizzy and Faye is able to easily do solo magic.
  • Dropping the tether necklace in oil and setting it on fire is suppose to un-tether the connection
  • Cassie puts out a fire during the dance to get to Melissa (but faints once she gets there!)
Witch Lore & Actions - Adults
  • Cassie finds a symbol that was carved into ceiling of the basement of the abandoned house and also in her mother's book of shadows for drawing out dark magic.
  • Adam and Cassie troll the city records trying to find out about Cassie's father, who in turn had the deed to the abandoned house
  • Ethan says that Cassie's father didn't start the fire, and that her mother wouldn't have wanted her to go down this path.
  • There is a symbol carved in the ceiling of abandoned house, and it's apparently a spell to draw out dark magic
  • When Faye realizes that what she is doing is hurting the circle, she doesn't hesistate to reverse the spell, and she calls out 3 huge things that Cassie has done that were dangerous too. And it's all true!
Great Quotes
  • "Blondie, emo boy, girl scout...nice circle you have going there" - Lee
  • "What if you are I are meant to be together? / I can't think about that / That's funny, because it's all I can think about" - Adam/Cassie/Adam
  • "Creepy fake voodoo guy? He's a scam artist." - Melissa
  • "I guess you can't judge a book by it's lip gloss" - Lee
  • "I never said I was a voodoo priest" - Lee
  • "You talk a good game but deep down you are just another scared debutant" - Lee
  • "Are you kidding me? Cassie releases a demon than ends up killing Nick. Then she brings Jake into the circle and he is a witch hunter, then she also chokes Adam to death with her mind, yet I'm the evil one?" - Faye
  • "How does this bitch get a free pass and I get burned at the stake?" - Faye
  • "You destiny is important to me" - Adam
  • What happened to Sally? Isn't she school-dance-organzier girl?
  • Where does Lee get his information? If he's not a witch then how does he know anything? Is he is league with someone else on the show?
  • I'm really surprized that Faye would take Cassie's magic from her, even though she's power hungry I just didn't see her like that
  • Why didn't the spell work? Was Lee lying? Was the necklace not Cassie's?
  • Note for future reference: Lee pocketed some of Faye's blood
  • How many other people has Lee tried what he is doing with Faye?
Keeping Tabs On....
  • Lee's motives and motivations... what is he up to?
  • Will Cassie & Adam get together now? I'm not sure....
  • Was it Cassie's spell that brought Jake back?
Family Trees:
  1. Balcoin/Blake's: Cassie / Amelia (confirmed dead) + John Blackwell (Cassie's father - dead) / Jane + ? and Frances Balcoin + ?
  2. Meade's: Diana / Charles + ______ (Diana's mother is assumed dead) / Kate
  3. Chamberlain’s: Faye / Dawn + _____ (Faye's father is dead); Henry (dead)
  4. Conant's: Adam, Ethan + ______ (Adam's mother - assumed dead)
  5. Glaser's: Melissa's family: ________ + _______
  6. Armstrong's: Nick's (dead) + Jake Family: parents (Richard and Sarah) are dead
Family Book of Shadows Found (3 out of 6) as of Episode 11
  1. Diana found her family's book first
  2. Cassie found her family's book at the end of Episode 1 (Faye stole a page from it)
  3. Jake shows Cassie a book in Ep 9 (inferred it's the Armstrong Book)
Kill / Saves Tally (8 / 20) :

Kills (8):
  • Charles: 2 (Amelia, Ep 1 and Nick/Abaddon in Ep 5)
  • Jake: 2 (Simone, Ep 6; Calvin, Ep 7)
  • Cassie: 1 (Luke, Ep 7)
  • Dawn: 1 (Henry, strongly inferred that she killed him Ep 2)
  • Faye: 1-ish (Sally, Ep 2)
  • Accidental: 1 (Heather hit by a car - Ep 4)
Saves (20):
  • Cassie: 8 (Faye from Heather, Ep 4; Jake from Simone Ep 6; Diana from Luke + Adam, Melissa, Diana, Faye & Herself from the witch hunters all in Ep 7)
  • Jane: 6 (Saved Cassie, Diana, Faye, Adam, Nick & Melissa from Melissa while possessed by Abaddon)
  • Jake: 3 (Cassie from Simone Ep 6; (Melissa & Cassie from the fire in Ep 11)
  • Adam: 2 (Cassie, Ep 1; Ep 9 - from kidnapping, although kind of was collective effort)
  • Dawn: 1 (Sally - with crystal, Ep 2)
  • Nick: 1 (Cassie from Heather, Ep 4)
Left off at
  • Faye goes to Lee and says she's done with the circle
  • Jake walks in on Cassie & Adam kissing

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