Wednesday, April 11, 2012

1 More Week til Podcast 99!

Well, this week tech challenges got the best of us so we've decided to belay our Fringe and Being Human (both versions) discussions until next week. Thanks for understanding and I hope you don't mind us taking an inadvertent hiatus, while most shows are... hiatusing.

Until next week, stay spooky!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies,

I just wanted to leave a random recommendation. I don't know if you guys watch cartoons but the new series 'The Last Airbender: The Legend of Korra' has started in the US. This is the imdb page:

I think it might still be available free on iTunes (both in the US & Canada).

I mention it as I know you ladies like to watch shows about strong female characters, the spiritual element and magic/supernatural powers and this show has all of that. The series that came before was 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' which was also really good. There were several strong female characters in that as well.

Yep it is a cartoon and yes the series are about children/young adults but the subject matter was really interesting. They delt with good and evil, justice v vengence, finding your own path, learning about yourself, relationships, destiny, family & family loyalty, grief and friendship. And it was often very funny.

I was suprised and happy that the new series is about a teenaged girl who has now assumed the title of Avatar and I am looking forward to her journey. Although she is already a bad-ass I want to know how she is going to master her new skills, what choices she is going to have to make for the world that she lives in.

It would be great to hear your thoughts on this show.

I am going to stop now, as I have typed for too long.

All the best.

The UK Listener

Suzie Ridler said...

Thank you so much UK Listener! I loved the animated Avatar series (and I'm probably the only person who liked the movie too) so I am thrilled to hear they have made one with a female lead. If it comes to Netflix, I am totally watching it. :)