Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Stranded Sneak Peek

I'm really excited to see the new series Stranded, and we have some sneak peeks for share that give a stronger sense of the show. Stranded is a non-fiction show that has paranormal enthusiasts who self record footage of an overnight stay at a haunted location. It's created by Destination Truth's Josh Gates and looks like a really interesting addition to the roster of non-fiction paranormal shows.

The SyFy premiere date for Stranded is Feb 27, 2013 so I'm hoping that is when we will see it on Space too, it will be on Space on Wednesday Nights, but we are just waiting confirmation of a start date.

Here is a series description: "Created by Josh Gates (Destination Truth), Stranded is an all-new reality series that documents an unconventional – and terrifying – paranormal and psychological experiment. Each episode features the self-recorded footage of a diverse group of every-day paranormal enthusiasts - from newlyweds and a brother-in-law to a trio of roommates. Each team of three will be stranded at one of the most haunted locations in America and record the entire experience with hand-held cameras creating a suspenseful, completely unscripted first-hand account of each group's stay. Over the course of the confinement, the group will cope with increasingly pervasive feelings of fear and desolation, resulting in an experiment that represents a unique combination of psychology and the paranormal."


Anonymous said...

Hi ladies,

I hope that this isn't a double post. Something went funny with my computer.

I saw this bit of casting news and thought that i would pass it on. I hope you don't think it is a spoiler.

Linda Hamilton will appear on an upcoming episode of Syfy’s Lost Girl, a.k.a. The No. 1 Succubi‘s Detective Agency. According to a press release from Syfy, Hamilton will play Acacia, “a tough, sexy and ruthless assassin who has enjoyed a storied and deadly career.” It’s unclear if that career includes killing Austrian robots from the future, but presumably that’s implied. Hamilton appears on the March 23 episode of Lost Girl.

The UK Listener

Anonymous said...

Hi Again Ladies,

I forgot to say that I read that on Entertaimnet Weekly


The UK Listener

Shannon said...

I had heard this already (Suzie hasn't though), but I do consider casting details for shows we regularly watch a spoiler. :(