Thursday, April 11, 2013

Poll Results: Which New 2012/13 Shows Have You Stuck With?

You have voted and the results are now in for the Hexed Poll asking: Which New 2012/13 Shows Have You Stuck With? The winner with 100% retention is Arrow! I think Arrow really has been on of the stand outs of 2012/13 with broad appear, solid action and enough to keep us coming back for more.

 Making a tie for second place at 66% retention we have Elementary and Revolution, which are the 2 that dropped off my schedule. And the final slot is shared by Beauty and the Beast and Cult with 33% each, both of which I am loving and are definitely the dark horses of the year.

Poll Results:
  • 100% - Arrow
  • 66% - Elementary
  • 66% - Revolution
  • 33% - Beauty and the Beast
  • 33% - Cult

A new poll is up asking was Spring 2013 shows you are planning on checking out.

Thanks for voting!

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