Friday, April 19, 2013

Cult Pulled from Schedule

You may have noticed that Cult hasn't been on recently, neither last Friday on The CW or this week on the Tuesday Canadian airing time slot on CTV 2. I was hopeful we'd get at least one more episode, but it looks like that isn't the case. Although no official word on The CW site, the news is out in multiple sources that Cult is being pulled from the schedule. First week had the night change, and now it looks like we will be left hanging on the vision for the rest of the season.

I'm saddened by this news as Cult was one of my favourite new shows this year, with it's interesting story, great characters who came alive from the fantastic set of actors cast in the show and a bizarre meta-within-meta element that always kept me guessing. But, at least we we got more episode than Zero Hour and Do No Harm which were pulled after even fewer episodes. The mid-season shows with February starts had a really low survival rate this year.

It's tough times for new shows out there.

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