Saturday, April 27, 2013

Grimm Timeslot Change to Tuesday at 10pm

The word came in that NBC has moved Grimm to Tuesdays nights, and after doing a little digging and the Canadian listings it looks like we'll also Grimm shift to Tuesdays nights at 10pm EST at of April 30, 2013.  It also has shifted the channel it airs on from CTV/CKVR to CTV2/CFTO for the Canadian broadcast, in addition to the NBC airing.
Grimm has had a rocky few weeks, and the April 19, 2013 episode was delayed a week in the US due to preempting but did air here on the original date.  If you happened to miss that episode (Season 2, Episode 18) you watch it here over at the CTV website.  I'm be regularly watching Grimm online now, as I've shifted my TV set up from cable to antenna and I get CTV but not CTV2. 

I'm always leery of schedule changes, and it's usually a bad sign for shows but I have a feeling Grimm with hold strong, just as it did with it's very early summer 2012 start.  The general vibe seems to be that Friday night is not a sought-after broadcast night, so it could be viewed as a positive.  Grimm has quite a strong following and I feel confident it will be okay with the shift for finish out the season, especially as it has been renewed for Season 3 for 22 episodes in 2013-14

Remember, scheduling can *always* change, and if there is additional news on Grimm I will do my best to share it.


Anonymous said...

Iloved Friday night for Grimm - please go back to Friday night!!!

Shannon said...

I agree with you Anon, I really enjoyed having Grimm on Friday Nights too!!