Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Teen Wolf: Season 1 Episode 5


Time for another episode run down for Teen Wolf, and yes it will include spoilers (see big SPOILER warning below!!) for the particular episode, but only the episode noted in the post title as I don't watch trailers, teasers or read spoiler articles. It may also include predictions for future episodes, but all the views are entirely from the perspective of watching the actual episode. Okay, let's get started!


Teen Wolf Season 1

Episode 5: The Tell

Scott & Allison skip school (and work... and parent-teacher night...) to celebrate her 17th birthday. Something attacks video store, freaking out Jackson inside the store and Lydia outside the car (inferred it's the alpha) and Kate is supermean to Derek.

Title Reference:
The tell is a reference of a physical reaction that indicates someone is lying. In the show, Scott says Allison's tell is raising her left eyebrow, plus we see Derek using the ability to hone in on heartbeats to know if someone is lying.

Character Development:
  • Creepy new teacher added to the mix, told Jackson he could take any time he needed off
  • Kate hangs around with 2 hunters, they look new to me but are not referred to byany names
  • Lots of reveals on all the characters during the parent/teacher meetings (see reveals)
  • Scott & Allison seem to be full-on relationship mode
  • Jackson is adopted and considered by teacher as unusually driver & over achiever verging on obsessive
  • Lydia parents think she's troublesome, but teacher says she's hugely talented academically & leaderhship wise
  • Stiles name isn't Stiles but something apparently hard to pronounce and is super smart but undirected, it's also inferred that his mother is dead
  • Scott's teacher says he needs a male authority figure
  • Kate says (and apparently not lying) they didn't kill Laura, Derek's sister - this is a bit of a fake reveal as I don't think anyone ever thought they did but rather that the alpha did.
General Comments:
  • Overall I thought this was a pretty good episode and it was nice to see pretty much the whole cast here including all the highschoolers, Derek, all the parents/family, teachers and the vet.
  • Seems odd that it's inferred that the students are suppose to be at the parent/teacher meetings - yet none of them are shown *in* the meetings.
  • I really enjoyed the character insight via the parent/teacher meeting in this episode, especially with Jackson & Lydia.
  • I also *loved* the film references and the films that were shown in the background - great added bonus stuff for genre fans.
  • Scott felt super-whiny when talking with Derek
  • Kate is mean, mean mean to Derek!
  • Why was Lydia drugged up? That seemed odd to me even if she was scared by the alpha
  • I loved the Lydia/Stiles scenes although I thought it was weird her Mom would just let him in (does he know where all the girls live?) and also thought it was weird he stole her phone.
  • I'm oddly starting to have empathy for Jackson.
  • Alpha caught on Lydia's cellphone (and deleted by Stiles)
  • Alpha caught on across the street survillence camera shows it on 4 legs then bipedal
Potential lore-ish stuff that isn't yet confirmed, explained or clear yet:
  • Derek infers that killing isn't the norm for werewolves
  • Derek says that 'you do as pack' (more lack-of-control indicator)
  • Who is the Alpha kind of turned into *is there* an Alpha, due to the mountain lion fiasco
  • That being said there certainly seems to from this ep have inklings that the new teacher or the vet could be the alpha, or the vet
  • Kate & her hunter boys now think Derek is useless and chased him out of house and home
  • The Alpha notes Jackson mark from Derek & leaves him alone
  • Kate wants to hunt (or kill?) the alpha
  • Allison receives a necklace for 17th bday, I have a feeling that might lead to her becoming a hunter now or soon
  • I think the vet knows about, or even could be, the alpha and likely was the one that set the mountain lion out to be caught to support his hypothesis of it being a mountain lion
  • There was a moment that looked like Kate & Derek have common enemy of the alpha and could work together, but then she dismissed his worth when found out he didn't know
  • Who put the balloons in Allison's locker for her birthday?
  • Who released the mountain lion?
  • Did the mountain lion attack anyone?
  • I am NOT watching The Notebook again - Jackson to Lydia
  • We are predators, we don't have to be killers - Derek
  • I soccer-Mom'd you - Allison to Scott
  • You named your kid Stiles Stalinski?

Keeping an eye on:
  • Jackson and Lydia - very odd that Lydia wasn't at school and hopped up on meds. And also odd to see Jackson has obsession with achievement that looks like it drives him to anger.

Left off at:
A creature scares folk on parent teacher night and is shot by Allison's Dad. Turns out, it's a mountian lion.

Plus - looks like next week will be the full moon

Feel free to contribute your predictions too, as long as they are from the perspective of just seeing this episode. Suzie & I will chat about this episode on an upcoming podcast of Hexed. Say tuned!


Anonymous said...

i think the alpha is the vet. although u see the creepy teacher telling jackson that he could take any time off, like he new wat happened,i remember the vet saying the mountain lion did it. i bet he already had a mountain lion in the back room so at the right time, he could release it. wen the vet is shown the pictures of the survailence camera, he kept on saying "im no expert", and wen shown the picture of it standing as a human, he made an excuse to get out of there (said: I have a sick dog to attend to" or something along those lines...) it is definately the vet or teacher... or maybe its a hunter that pretends to be 1 to stay safe from them?

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

It totally could be the vet - I was thinking it's the science teacher and the vet is covering, but it could totally be the reverse!

I agree that the vet totally is mostly like the one to have released the mountain lion, for sure!