Thursday, November 14, 2013

Supernatural Discussion Group at Hal-Con 2013

Supernatural Discussion Group at Hal-Con 2013

On Sunday I barely made it in to the Supernatural Discussion Group at Hal-Con. It was absolutely packed with people! Major Supernatural fans with lots of uber love going on for the show.

Supernatural Discussion Group at Hal-Con 2013

In fact, I found it more of a love fest than a discussion group. As someone who has watched Supernatural from the beginning, I am a huge fan. It is one of my favourite shows of all time but it is far from perfect. No, this get together was more about sharing what you love about the show.

I wanted to ask why witches were portrayed so badly? Why is the show now overwhelmed with angels and Christianity? How about the negative portrayal of women and the fact that they never fair well on the show?

Supernatural Discussion Group at Hal-Con 2013
LOVE that people dressed up as Cass! This guy was awesome!

What happened instead was a lot of discussion and theories being thrown out about is god going to show up? What about their biological brother in hell? Is Chuck god? I suddenly started to freak out. I personally did not want to discuss these ideas because I may figure it out and this is one of the few shows I want to unfold for me, not unravel all the mysteries.

Supernatural Discussion Group at Hal-Con 2013
OMG, look at the halo above his head! LOL

There were a few great lines people threw around, such as, that when it comes to angels Cass is a Turducken. Someone also shouted out, "Angels are dicks!"

Supernatural Discussion Group at Hal-Con 2013

A highlight for me was a woman dressed as Meg (from season 1) sat down right next to me. She looked so much like her! She shared with me that at Supernatural Cons (OMG, there is such a thing?) that you buy a ticket for a particular seat so it is guaranteed to be there for you and you can come and go as you please. Yes please!

It was wonderful people around other Supernatural fans. The ones in this group love the show and especially adore Charlie, who I am personally not a fan of (although I adore Felicia Day). I did appreciate that no one was allowed to talk about the last two episodes of the show just in case it might spoil it for others which was very thoughtful.

It was lovely to bask in love of the show. It did make me realize though that I prefer looking at it critically with Shannon on Hexed. That is our personal style of discussion so I just kept my mouth shut and hung out with some serious cool people.


Unknown said...

I had a bunch of questions too, and yeah the Witch thing BUGS Me bad. But I still love the show too. So more Supernatural stuff at the Con next year! Supernatural GUEST mayhaps?Bigger room? Pie?

Suzie Ridler said...

You too unknown?! Yeah the witch thing bugs me so much too but I didn't want to be a downer. I hope they do get someone from the show next year, that would rock!