Sunday, July 7, 2013

Poll Results: Which Summer Shows Will You Be Watching?

It's time to take a look at the poll results for Which Summer Shows Will *You* Be Watching. The clear winner this year is Teen Wolf which comes in at a whopping 58%! I know it's a show I look forward to each and every summer, and this summer is no exception although I am a few episodes behind it will be fun to catch up.

Coming in at second place is a 2-way tie of Being Human (UK) and Paranormal Witness with a solid 33% each, and rounding out the votes with 12% each is True Blue, Under the Dome and Other. This poll when up before we knew The Almighty Johnsons was coming back, and I wonder if that makes up for in part of what the 12% 'Other' selections.

58% - Teen Wolf
33% - Being Human (UK)
33% - Paranormal Witness
16% - True Blood
16% - Under the Dome
16% - Other

Thanks for voting!

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