Monday, July 22, 2013

Paranormal Pick of the Week: Being Human (UK) Series Finale

Although it's been off the schedule for a few weeks and is sneaking back in at a different time slot in a double-header for the final episodes of the season, there is no way that Being Human (UK) won't get the honour of being this weeks Paranormal Pick of the Week:

Being Human (UK) ~ Series Finale
Sunday July 28, 2013
Final 2 episodes: 9pm and 10:15pm ET on Space

We've be talking about this British series following supernatural roommates for years now, and although it's changed a lot and caused a fair amount of commotion in our reactions, there is no denying it's one of the best shows we've discussed.  It's sad to see Being Human (UK) come to an end, but at least they new it was coming which hopefully will lead us to one heck of a series finale.

Also Awesome
  • Paranormal Witness timeslot change!  The show is moving from 10pm on Wednesdays to it's new timeslot of 9pm Wednesday on Space.  Technically now awesome, but I did want to let people know, especially if it requires some changing to watching to recording habits.
  • Joe Rogan Questions Everything Series Premiere Wednesday July 24 at 10pm on Space (yes, it takes the normal timeslot of Paranormal Witness).  This non-fiction show
  • Sharktopus on Space Tuesday July 23, 2013 at 9pm ET I have to admit that it brings a warm feeling to my heart that one of my favourite shark movies will be airing on my birthday!  If you haven't seen this one before, it's well worth a watch for it's B-Movie goodness.

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