Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Teen Wolf: Season 1 Episode 9


Time for another episode run down for Teen Wolf, and yes it will include spoilers (see big SPOILER warning below!!) for the particular episode, but only the episode noted in the post title as I don't watch trailers, teasers or read spoiler articles. It may also include predictions for future episodes, but all the views are entirely from the perspective of watching the actual episode. Okay, let's get started!


Teen Wolf Season 1

Episode #9: Wolf's Bane

Focus: Alpha revealed!

Title Reference: Jackson seems to be able to torment Scott and be a 'bane' to him. Odd.

Characters Development:
  • Derek is hiding out at Stiles' house
  • Danny has a (old) history of cracking tech-stuff
  • Jackson figures out (but never actually verbalized) that he knows Scott is a werewolf, he also has the power to key into and annoy Scott's heightened senses.
  • It appears that Scott's Mom is helping the Alpha
  • Alpha is revealed to be Derek's Uncle
  • Scott is clueless! Sends Allison cute pictures of them together, even though now they aren't together.
  • Jackson dumps Lydia - pretty cruel-ly too. With no 'ha ha'.
  • Scott's Mom is the person who sent to text to Allison to meet him at the school in Night School.
  • Mr. Harris (Chemistry teacher) is aware of, and scared of the Alpha - plus he helped a woman years ago accidentily with information on how to do things like burn down a house.
  • Alpha is revealed to be Derek's Uncle
General Comments:
I'm really surprized at who the Alpha is, I mean I only have him noted as "Derek's Uncle" and I don't remember his name. Was he pretending he couldn't do anything before? Does he have to be 'activated' or something? I'm totally getting a mad scientist vibe from the whole thing. Plus, totally shocked Scott's Mom appears to be helping the Alpha and also crazy surprized that Derek turned on his kin so quickly. I thought the episode might have been stronger if it solely focused on the Alpha stuff, and left the Jackson-taunting-Scott in an earlier episode. And even though it was in questionable taste, I think the whole Derek-as-Stiles-cousin-Miguel who had to change in front of Danny to get him to help was hilarious.

  • Jackson had Acanite (aka Wolf's Bane) poisoning and had the ability to annoy Scott through triggering his height senses.
Potential lore-ish stuff that isn't yet confirmed, explained or clear yet:
  • Infererd that only an Alpha can bite-and-turn a werewolf
  • Looks like The Alpha was 'created' or 'enhanced' through science in some way
  • The Hunters think Jackson might be the Beta - could Derek have done this on purpose to throw them off the scent of Scott?
  • Why would Scott's Mom help The Alpha? What does The Alpha want? Revenge on the hunters? With both those in mind it's very odd that he's turn Scott.
I'm at a loss! I feel like there will be an Alpha/Hunter showdown but that doesn't actually involve the main folks so feels illogical. Perhaps there will have to be a sacrifice of someone (Scott? Allison?) and then they will have to be saved by someone else.

  • How did the Alpha become an Alpha?
  • What makes Derek's uncle unresponsive in 'normal' state in the hospital?
  • Are their betas in the born-into-werewolf werewolves?
Keeping an eye on:
  • Everything and everyone! What will Lydia do? Hmm, Lydia shows up here quite a lot.
Great Quotes:
  • I want to not feel scared - Allison
Left off at:
  • At the lacrosse game, Aunt Kate sees the scratches on Jackson and thinks he could be a Beta.

Feel free to contribute your predictions too, as long as they are from the perspective of just seeing this episode. Suzie & I will chat about this episode on an upcoming podcast of Hexed. Say tuned!


Suzie Ridler said...

This was one of those episodes I had to keep rewinding to figure stuff out. Excellent breakdown of the episode Shannon and super helpful. I wasn't sure of Scott's last name so I wasn't 100% sure that it really was him mom that sent the text. Remember, she works at the hospital where the uncle was and that weird nurse so she was probably unaware they were using her phone to send the text.

This felt like a two-parter to me and couldn't believe it stopped at the lacrosse team. And once again, I loved Derek and Scott annoyed me. What else is new?!

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Yeah, the text from the Mom really threw me off - but I was more confused because I though she was helping The Alpha, but from what you said it sounds like there is someone else at the hospital doing that. I imagine that woman sent the text from her phone as how would The Alpha know how to text? I'm not sure. This episode had a total mad scientist vibe to it.

They do a fair amount of casting where two people look pretty similar (Stiles' Dad & Allison's Dad, Stiles & Jackson and now Scott's Mom & the other nurse). I wonder if it's on purpose to confuse us! Or to allow for mistaken identity.