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Teen Wolf: Season 1 Episode 7


Time for another episode run down for Teen Wolf, and yes it will include spoilers (see big SPOILER warning below!!) for the particular episode, but only the episode noted in the post title as I don't watch trailers, teasers or read spoiler articles. It may also include predictions for future episodes, but all the views are entirely from the perspective of watching the actual episode. Okay, let's get started!SPOILERS and DETAILS for TEEN WOLF, SEASON 1, EPISODE 7 BELOW

Teen Wolf Season 1

Ep#7 Night School

Focus: Scott, Stiles and eventually Allison, Jackson and Lydia are trapped in school while the alpha baits, taunts and torments them. Scott blames all the recent deaths on Derek, because he thinks he's already dead so it doesn't matter (weird).

Title Reference: Folks are stuck in school.... at night. And there is some 'learning'. Pretty weak title.

Character Development
Lydia almost to the rescue with a recipe for self combusing molotov cocktail, too bad Jackson handed her the wrong chemical to not make it work!

Jackson and Allison continue to be friendly, Lydia starts to notice and doen't appear to like it.
Scott and Stiles disagree a lot and can see the strain on the friendship
Allison doens't want to Scott to put himself in danger, eventually tells him to back off
Scott decides he needs to break from 'his pack' or friends.. to protect them

Lots of opportunity for reveals, but I don't think we got any.

General Comments
It's now feeling way to obvious for the vet to be Alpha
How on EARTH could we go the whole show without a Derek update! Seriously... is he dead, regenerating, alive, mutating into a alpha hybrid, going for ice cream... I mean, come one! Derek-less show is not okay!
I'm totally unimpressed that Scott through Derek under the bus
The effects of the chemical on the alpha looked awful!
I felt this was the weakest episode so far, mostly 1 location, lots of push/pull on being hunted and then left alone by the alpha, plus it was a missed opportunity to have the rest of the non-friend (Allison, Lydia & Jackson) gang 'see' the alpha and therefore let in on the truth and then they could all try to work together.

Alpha can howl to make the other werewolves succumb to pain and turn - Jackson did fall down in pain here, but didn't turn but Scott started to.

Potential Lore
I didn't get anything new.

Stiles thinks the vet is the alpha
But, if being in wolf form heals, the vet can't be the alpha as he was getting treatment from EMS post-transformation

I think Stiles might try the tough love approach and still try and help Scott even though he's giving the more than arms distance lenght on the subject. He may cave and tell one either Allison, Jackson or Lydia (I'm thinking Allison with the emotional card of being tormented by Scotts odd behaviour or he might let it slip to Lydia if she tries to get back at Jackson by luring him romantically).
Maybe this whole thing was a superbig test with Derek & the Alpha together!
I think there is a possibility that Jackson is a born-werewolf - remember how we found out he is adopted? Maybe he is even Derek's brother or from a rival clan. His transformation/reaction could be some form of strenght or resilience test.

What makes the alpha different? The wolf actually looks different when transformed - is it a by birth werewolf, or a bitten werewolf, or a combination? And,... can an alpha be an alpha without a pack?
The janitor's body is missing... could he end up a werewolf?
Who texted Allison - I'm thinking it' ain't the Alpha - hard to text with those big paws they have! What is happening to Jackson? Is he turning into an alpha? or a mini-alpha?
Is Derek dead? (still)
Who is the alpha (still)
Who bit Scott (still)

We outlast the Alpha - Stiles
It wants me in it's pack, but first I have to get rid of my old pack - Scott

Keeping and Eye On
Stiles' right hook - Did he seriously punch Jackson? I had a hard time believe that character-wise.

Left Off At:
Scott thinks the alpha wants him to leave his old pack to join him
The vet survived the attack from Derek and appears oddly after folks emerge from the school
Allison asks Scott to not call her

Another disclaimer as this ep I watched very soon after I moved and did get slightly distracted by the need to continually unpack, although I did have eyes on TV for most of the time.

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Hi, I know this is like years late but I love going back and reading reviews of old episodes and Stiles is very very protective of his dad so it would make sense for him to react like that but anyway great review, I've been reading reviews on the old teen wolf episodes recently and this is really good.