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Teen Wolf: Season 1 Episode 6 Run Down


Time for another episode run down for Teen Wolf, and yes it will include spoilers (see big SPOILER warning below!!) for the particular episode, but only the episode noted in the post title as I don't watch trailers, teasers or read spoiler articles. It may also include predictions for future episodes, but all the views are entirely from the perspective of watching the actual episode. Okay, let's get started!SPOILERS and DETAILS for TEEN WOLF, SEASON 1, EPISODE 6 BELOW
Teen Wolf Season 1

Episode 6: Heart Monitor

Stiles and Derek both vy to be Scott's Yoda by trying to train him to tap into (Derek method) or suppress (Stiles method) his anger.

Title reference:
Very literal as Stiles steals a heart monitor and phone from coach to monitor Scott, and double play of Scott's romantic leanings to Allison.

Character Development
The alpha marks a swirl on the car window Scott is in, it's a sign of a vendetta.
Jackson - weirdness on all fronts, has vision of monster hand coming out of his mouth and later is almost successfully makes a very friendly pass at Allison.
Allison learns family hunter history dates back to Louis XV time when they found La Bete ...... can't remember the name *
Dereks uncle can be responsive, but Derek was too impatient to see it

Scott realizes he loves Allison (by telling Stiles)
Stiles is mad at Scott because his father got hurt in the mountain lion fiasco

The spiral/swirl is a vendetta mark.
Dereks uncle indicated in the positive after being question, although through the barrage of questions from Derek it's hard to tell what it is, other than that he knows something. It could be whether someone else in the family made it out alive or something else

General Comments
Jackson is acting the pants off of everyone elese on the show
Inferred that werewolves can't tell if each other is a werewolf when in human form as it's Derek seems to think the Vet is one and beats him up, but it's never said that he is one.
Totally freaked out to see Scott wear a short sleeved shirt over a long sleeved one. Has that been gone long enough to be back?
Liked how Allison was into her family history.

Werewolves can come to be via 2 methods (at least) 1 - born that way (Derek) or 2 - bitten (Scott).
The spiral / swirl is a sign of a vendetta (technically this isn't lore but it makes sense to note it here)
Wolf howl is a signal to the pack

Potential Lore
Derek says can't heal/transform if hurt
Alpha is without a pack (pre Derek)

More alpha-ness, lots of bait thrown both the way of the vet and science teacher
We've previously seen that Derek has 3 swirls on his back, possibly indicating he's successfully completed 3 vendettas, likely those who started the fire? Or is it werewolf to werewolf vendettas?

I think that Derek's Uncle coma like state is induced because he has been hurt beyond the way to transform therefore has lost himself, or a large part of himself this way.
I'm still thinking the teacher is the alpha - did you see the transition lens? It's all about the cool factor and he can be a predator easily.
I'm thinking there might be a connection between Lydia & the Alpha which would explain her freak out a few episodes ago, something other than just seeing it - because she's not talking about it. Does she know what an alpha is?.
Derek ain't dead, I just can't imagine that they'd kill him off

Is Derek dead?
Who is the alpha (still)
Who bit Scott (still)
Will we see more of Derek's family?
If Derek was born a werewolf, does his family date back to the original werewolves that Allison's family hunted?

This whole women make you weak thing is a little to Spartan Warrior - Stiles
If I was talking to you, I'd say you were an idiot for trusting him - Stiles to Scott, about Derek
Your Yoda I will be - Stiles
Be a werewolf, not a teen wolf - Stiles

Keeping an eye on:
Jackson - he's story is continuing to prove very interesting.

Left Off At:
Derek attacked through the back by the alpha and spits blood.
Stiles & Scott are trapped in the school.

* slight disclaimer as this ep I watched twice, on the bookends of my move. I did take notes but my mind was often elsewhere thinking how much left to pack/unpack (heh: pack), where the clean clothes are or is it possible to drink tea in 30C+ weather, so this run down might have some holes in it. Thank you for your understanding - Shannon

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