Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Teen Wolf: Season 1 Episode 12 (Finale)


Time for our final episode run down for Teen Wolf Season One, and yes it will include spoilers (see big SPOILER warning below!!) for the particular episode and the entire first season with predictions going forward. But, I don't watch trailers, teasers or read spoiler articles. All the views are entirely from the perspective of just watching the actual episode.


Teen Wolf Season 1

Episode #12: Code-Breaker

Focus: Lots crammed in the episode but it all comes down to everyone against The Alpha, and that really means everyone save Lydia whose in the hospital.

Title Reference: Allison's Dad finds out that Aunt Kate was responsible for the Hale House Fire, therefore she was the code-breaker. Could also refer to Allison who helps Scott. Or, could also be Derek who in the end killed The Alpha and thereby becoming An Alpha.

Characters Development:
  • Lydia was bit, but isn't turning like Scott did
  • Aunt Kate dies at the hands of Alpha Peter
  • Alpha Peter is killed by Derek, although collectively Stiles, Allison, Jackson & Scott wear him down first.
  • Alpha Peter offers Stiles 'The Bite', but he turns him down
  • Jackson asks to be bit by Derek, and looks like he goes for it
  • Scott & Allison get back together
  • Both Stiles & Jackson show concern for Lydia
  • Alpha Peter says he turned Scott to create a new pack, and that it could have just as easily been Stiles he bit
  • Derek appeared to have the strength to leave the Hale House Dungeon at anytime, but waited until he had Scott coming to him for help before releasing
General Comments:
  • I loved the opening of the episode, how there sound was drowned out and it felt very out of time and like disillusionment shattered. I actually really felt for Allison & her Dad & the fear they had of Scott.
  • I was a little peeved that Scott being bit = no plan. Perhaps I'm more fond of long arc stories, or perhaps it was a lie.
  • Did anyone believe Aunt Kate was going to talk Allison 'away'? That was not beleivable as suspicion was already cast on her at that point, I thought at least another hunter should have been with them.
  • If Scott can 'call' Derek by howling, why couldn't Peter?
  • In episode 8 Derek said says there is a potential cure for a bitten-created werewolf, by killing the one that bit them but Scott in this episode tried to stop Derek because of the cure - am I missing something there?
  • It appears that one becomes the Alpha by killing the other Alpha.

Potential lore-ish stuff that isn't yet confirmed, explained or clear yet:
  • Alpha Peter says Lydia would turn twice a month, quick assumption is because she's a woman but I have a feeling might be another reason
  • Allison seemed to 'see' things like Lydia basking in blood - is she psychic? is it a premonition? Is her mother the same?
  • I'm not sure how arc-y this show is, they closed out the Alpha Peter but it feels like there was more there. Kate admitted her part to the Hale House Fire, but it feels like there was more there too. It looks like it will go in the direction of folks working together (I love that idea!), as all the teens team up and I can't imagine Allison's Dad not seeing that Kate did wrong.
  • So many possibilities... could turn to be the teens vs Derek, or the teens and the hunters come together against the new prey.
  • what is this bigger prey that werewolves need to fight together as a pack?
  • If Alpha Peter was doing this all for revenge, and only killing those responsible, why didn't Derek support him (Would he have killed Derek too?)
  • Was this Derek's plan all along?
  • Can their be only 1 Alpha? Anyone else feel like Highlander + Klingons?
  • What the heck did Allison's Dad say to Kate? What language was that? Their background is French - and I'm pretty sure that wasn't French.
  • What is Lydia?
  • What will become of Jackson (inferred that Derek bits him)
  • Where was the vet?
Keeping an eye on:
  • Lydia (always! That's my most consistent thing I've said about this show)
  • Derek... I might rewatch it just to see if it's possible he orchastrated everything and in the end picked Jackson over Scott because Jackson is more likely to follow and Scott continues to rebel.
Great Quotes:
  • "None of this has been easy." - Scott
  • "You are not in love. You are 16 years old. You are a child" - Derek to Scott
  • "Staying quiet is your only protection" - Allison's Mom (I don't like this quote but it felt important).
Left off at:
  • Looks like Allison's parents are contemplating leaving
  • Scott & Allison are happy
  • Kate & Alpha Peter Dead
  • Derek "is the Alpha now"
  • No one know what will become of Lydia (or Jackson)
Overall I really enjoyed the seasons, although there were lots of clunky episodes (including this one) where they tried to get too much in. It kept me guessing and on my toes for most of it, and many of the reveals were big surprizes. Stiles remains my favourite character by far, and Lydia has lots of potential. In terms of acting, I was impressed with JR Bourne (Chris/Allison's Dad) and Holland Roden (Lydia) but felt that Colton Haynes (Jackson) had the biggest and most impressive range. It's kind of strange to enjoy a show without super connecting to the main characters & their stories, but hey that's how it rolls sometimes. I hope Lydia is more prominant in season 2 and they go into pack mentatility and structures more. Overall, a great summer watch.

Feel free to contribute your predictions too, as long as they are from the perspective of just seeing this episode. Suzie & I will chat about this episode on an upcoming podcast of Hexed. Say tuned!


Anonymous said...

what alisons dad says in a different language, alison translates in english 'we hunt those that hunt us'

Suzie Ridler said...

Excellent, thank you so much! That is super helpful.

Anonymous said...

In episode 8, did derek not mean Scott had to kill the aplha to reverse the effects, so scott tried to stop him because if derek killed the alpha it would mean scott would stay a werewolf? Or am I wrong...

Aaron -

Suzie Ridler said...

Sorry it took a while Aaron but here is Shannon's response, "That isnt' what I thought at the time, but I thihnk it's true. Scott has to kill the alpha to reverse the effects but b/c Derek did it he's a werewolf for life. Although, the whole 'unturning' was only a myth to begin with , not solid fact." Hope that helps!