Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ep 70: Paranormal TV August 2 - 8, 2011


On this weeks episode of Hexed Suzie & Shannon chat about new episodes of Haven, Alphas and Teen Wolf's next-to-last episode for Season 1. We also have lots and lots of news, including Gemini reactions, news shows and even new channels coming here too!

As always, we talk about the shows in depth so please watch them first and then listen. We'll be back next week to chat the season 1 finale of Teen Wolf and new episodes of Haven & Alphas.

Show Notes

Time Coding
0:00 - 0:50 Intro
0:50 - 20:30 News
20:30 - 50:50 Haven: S2 Ep 4 Sparks and Recreation
50:50 - 1:17:30 Teen Wolf: S1 Ep 11 Formalized
1:17:40 - 1:40:20 Alphas: S1 Ep 5 Never Let Me Go
1:40:20 - 1:44:10 Outro

Poll Results:

Teen Wolf: Will Season One End of A Cliffhanger?
100% - Yes, of course!
0% - No
0% - Not Sure

Alphas: Are You Confused About Red Flag?
50% - Yes! They've Not Been Mentioned Before
25% - Kind of - but I'm going with the flow
12.5% Tie: No, it's not explained but understandable and No, I understand it

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies,

Thanks for clearing up thhe guest star on Alphas. I knew she was a famous actress.

Alphas & Regarding Red Flag:
They spoke about it in the pilot episode. Red Flag were the people who whammied the 'impossible shot guy' to kill the Alpha in police custody. It was set up to seem as if Red Flag was 'using' Alphas for bad reasons. So the big reveal for the Rosetta episode was that Alphas are in control of Red Flag. They have an agenda.

Regarding Dr Rosen:
I don't like him. He is manipulative, intrusive and willfully blind. He blackmailed the 'impossible shot guy' with the threat of 'The Compound' (Arkham asylum in the Batman verse or Belle Reve Sanitarium in Smallville)or whatever that place is where they place dangerous Alphas as he had killed someone in the pilot episode. It is clear that the people on the team have to participate in regular therapy sessions to maintain their liberty or else they too will be sent to the compound. What sort of work environment is this where your boss is also your therapist and jailer? I find his questions are personal and intrusive. There is no sense of difference between therapy and work. Do we know if any of these people can leave The Alpha Unit and get regular jobs?
He is willfully blind about the treatment of the inmates at the compound. And seems not to see what the appearance of Alphas means in the world. He seems be taking theses people on, on a victim by victim basis. Does he ask himself what this means for mankind? Do we know why he is running this team? He seems to like collecting the differently abled people. It seems kind of creepy,

Teen Wolf:
Yes this show is a hot mess, with continuty issues and questionable depictions of gay sterotypes but I love it when Stiles. Who is just a regular teen runs to Lydia's side and faces down the alpha. Random property question if Scott and his mother are so poor that they can only afford one old car how come they can live in that huge house? Is it all down to the ression?

Anyway enough of my bad typing I need to sleep.

Look forward to your next podcast The UK Listener

Suzie Ridler said...

Hey UK Listener! I had a chance to re-watch that episode of Alphas and there were clues about Red Flag from the first episode. I still don't think they referred back to it enough but I get it now, thanks!

So interesting you don't like Dr. Rosen either. I think a person can be kind but manipulative when necessary, that's really his power and Nina uses her ability for that kind of thing too. I think he was naive about the compound and I wish they would get back to it. I think it is clear that both sides are very dark and this team is caught in the middle which is only going to get worse.

I wondered about that car in Teen Wolf. Maybe when Scott's parents were together they had money and paid off the house but a car doesn't last very long and on just a nurse's income... But I did find that odd too.

As always, love hearing your feedback!