Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ep 71: Paranormal TV August 9-15, 2011


Time to chat a whole bunch of paranormal TV!

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On this weeks episode of Hexed Suzie & Shannon chat about the season one finale of Teen Wolf plus new episodes of Haven & Alphas. We also have lots and lots of news, including a whole whack of Haven news and Canadian TV plus a few more paranormal titles that will be at TIFF this year. We also have the return on Shannon's Fringe theories as she reflects on the first half of Season 2.

As always, we talk about the shows in depth so please watch them first and then listen.

We are taking a week off next week so Suzie can have some family time but we'll be back at the end of August to catch up on 2 episodes of Haven & Alphas before the Labour Day weekend.

0:00 - 2:10 Intro
2:10 - 20:40 News
20:40 - 53:50 Teen Wolf: S1 Ep 12 (Season Finale) - Code Breaker
53:50 - 1:01:20 Haven News & Emily Rose Interview Except
1:01:20 - 1:20:33 Haven: S2 Ep 5 - Roots
1:20:33 - 1:47:40 Alphas: S1 Ep 6 - Bill and Gary's Excellent Adventure
1:47:40 - 2:03:30 Shannon's Fringe Theories on the first half of Season 2
2:03:30 - 2:05:35 Outro

Show Notes:

Poll Results: Who Will Survive the Teen Wolf Finale
Responses from Least Likely to Most Likely to Survive:
Aunt Kate - 33% (least likely to survive)
Allison's Mom - 44%
Lydia - 55%
Peter, Scott's Mom, The Coach & The Teacher - 66%
Derek, Jackson, Stiles' Dad, Allison's Dad, The Vet & Danny - 77%
Scott, Stiles & Allison - 88% (most likely to survive)

Thanks for voting!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies,

As ever thanks for responding to my comments.

I was just looking at new trailers for movies and noticed the policeman/wolf guy from Lost Girl is going to be in th latest Underworld film.

I liked the 1st film but the other films have been a bit bad. Hope number 4 will be fun.

UK Listener