Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ep 77: Paranormal TV Sept 28 - Oct 4, 2011


This week on Hexed Suzie & Shannon have another record breaking packed episode of paranormal TV to talk about including the finale (mostly) of Haven, Season 7 opener of Supernatural plus new episodes of Secret Circle, Vampire Diaries, Lost Girl & Fringe. Although we aren't impressed with all the shows this week *cough* vampire diaries *cough* we still have lots of exciting discussions, especially being very enthusiastic about the return of Supernatural.

We'll be back next week to chat new episodes of Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle, Supernatural & Fringe and we'll anxiously await the return of Lost Girl which goes on hiatus and will return Oct 23, 2011.

Time Coding
0:00 - 1:00 Intro
1:00 - 17:00 News
17:00 - 28:00 Quick check in on: Bedlam, Terra Nova, Ringer & Charlie's Angels
28:00 - 45:37 Haven S2 Ep 12 Sins of the Father
45:37 - 58:00 Lost Girl S2 Ep 5 BrotherFae of the Wolves
58:00 - 1:11:20 Vampire Diaries S3 Ep3 The End of the Affair
1:11:20 - 1:25:19 Secret Circle S1 Ep3 Loner
1:25:19 - 1:41:36 Supernatural S7 Ep1 Meet the New Boss
1:41:36 -2:03:52 Fringe S4 Ep2 One Night in October
2:03:52 - 2:05:53 Outro

Show Notes:

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