Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ep 78: Paranormal TV October 5-11, 2011


On this week's podcast Suzie & Shannon talk in depth about recent episodes of Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle and have quite in depth multi-seasonal discussions of Supernatural and Fringe. We also check in briefly on Bedlam, Paranormal Witness and revel in the awesome of the guilty pleasure that is Ringer. We also chat about a few newly starting shows, return dates and previews for some of our currently off season faves. And if that isn't enough, we also chat about the recent Daniel Craig film Dream House.

We talk about the in depth shows from a 'seen it' therefore spoiler perspective, so please watch first and then listen!

We'll be back next week to chat more Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle, Supernatural and Fringe and might even check in on The Walking Dead Season 2 premiere.

Time Coding:
0:00-1:08: Intro
1:08 - 12:45: News
12:45 - 26:38: Quick check in on: Bedlam, Ringer, Terra Nova and Paranormal Witness
26:38 - 45:30: Vampire Diaries S3 Ep4 Disturbing Behaviour
45:30 - 1:02:30: Secret Circle S1 Ep4 Heather
1:02:30 - 1:18:28: Supernatural S7 Ep2 Hello, Cruel Wold
1:18:28 - 1:45:50: Fringe S4 Ep3 Alone in the World
1:45:50 - 1:48:10: Poll Check In
1:48:10 - 2:06:30: Dream House
2:06:30 - 2:09:07 Outro

Show Notes:
Polls Results
New Show Verdict: Camelot 50% Love It!, 25% Tie: Like It & Not Watching
New Show Verdict: Secret Circle - 60% Like It!, 40% Love It!
New Show Verdict: Ringer - 60% Like It, 40% Not Watching
New Show Verdict: Death Valley 60% Not Watching, 20% Tie: Love It & Loathe It

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Anonymous said...

Ladies, I wanted to address the questions regarding Supernatural and who drove to the warehouse. If you go back and look at that scene you will see that Sam looks down and he has the car keys in his hand. He seems confused as to how they got there. When the real Dean arrives, he sees Bobby's van, with the lights still on, at the warehouse. When Sam say he doesn't remember driving to the warehouse, Lucifer says that he/Lucifer drove but then fake whispers "or so you thought. Sam is very suggest1ble". Sam had the keys in his hand because he drove Bobby's van to the warehouse. He just wasn't aware he drove.

Suzie Ridler said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you our Anonymous friend! I totally missed that Sam had the keys and that Lucifer said, "or so you thought." That makes so much more sense. I really appreciate that! :)