Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ep 76 Paranormal TV September 21-27, 2011


This week on Hexed Suzie & Shannon have tons of paranormal TV to talk about including the finale of Alphas to the opening episode of Fringe, plus regular episodes of Haven, Lost Girl, Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle. What a packed week of paranoraml TV! And to think next week we'll be added Supernatural to that mix. Wow.

0:00 - 1:50: Intro
1:50 - 14:15: News
14:15 - 25:10: Quick check in on: Ringer, Death Valley and Camelot
25:10 - 42:45: Haven S2 Ep 11 Business as Usual
42:45 - 55:43: Lost Girl S2 Ep 4 Mirror Mirror
55:43 - 1:11:03: Alphas S1 Ep 11 (Finale) Original Sin
1:11:03 - 1:30:14: Vampire Diaries S3 Ep2 The Hybrid
1:30:14 - 1:41:48: Secret Circle S1 Ep2 Bound
1:41:48 - 2:09:45: Fringe S4 Ep1 Neither Here Nor There
2:09:45 - 2:13:12: Outro

Show Notes

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Jason said...

A really very interesting read! I hope you keep updating us with more info!

Suzie Ridler said...

Thank you so much Jason! We really appreciate your feedback and will do our best!