Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ep 50: Paranormal TV March 3 - 8, 2010


On this week’s episode of Hexed Suzie and Shannon talk about the latest episodes of Being Human (North American), Supernatural and Fac t or Faked. We also pack in lots of ransom chatter from watching TV on DVD vs live vs jumping onto new shows vs seeing them after the fact, and how we always seem to work in at least one Star Trek reference every week.. It’s a crazy show! Enjoy!

0:00 – 1:00 - Introduction
1:00 – 13:45 - News
13:45 – 29:45 - Being Human North American Ep 8, Children Shouldn't Play with Undead Things
29:45 – 37:45 Polls on the site, Vampire Diaries & Watching habits tangent
37:45 – 1:00:00 - Supernatural Season 6 Ep 16, And Then There Were None
1:00:00 – 1:19:30 – Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, Season 1 Ep 6 The Caretaker/Cutter
1:19:30 – 1:20:45 - What’s on TV this week & what we’ll be talking about next week
1:20:45 –1:22:08 – Outro

Show Notes
New polls are up for Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and Being Human - make sure to have your say on the seasons so far!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies, The UK Listerner here,

I just wanted to share with you something that I found on the internet:

The video is a great parody of The Vampire Diaries and the production quality is really good. It also helps that True Blood used the song to promote S3.

Sorry if you have seen it already.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies The UK Listener here,

I just wanted to share with you something I found on the internet.

It is a funny parody of The Vampire Diaries.

I hope that this is not a double-post as my computer seems to be acting strange.

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh there you are UK Listener! I thought I lost where you commented. A very cute and high quality parody, someone who obviously really loves this show. Love how Katherine/Elena pronounces the boys' names, perfect although it took her a few tries. I put the link up on FB, thanks so much!