Monday, November 8, 2010

Ep 36: Paranormal TV from Oct 28 - Nov 7, 2010


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Are you going to join the baloney train with us this week? We hope you do! We trek quickly through shows The Walking Dead and Paranormal State along with an epic catching up chatfest over the last 2 weeks of paranormal TV of Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and Lost Girl? Listen all about it our take of the current paranormal TV goodness as the season really start to reveal their secrets!

0:00 – 6:00 - Introduction
6:00 – 13:00 - News
13:00 – 29:10 – Brief Chatter on Paranormal State & The Walking Dead
29:10 – 57:40 - Vampire Diaries, Season 2 Episodes 7 & 8: Masquerade & Rose
57:40 –1:23:30 - Supernatural, Season 6 Episodes 6 & 7: You Can’t Handle the Truth & Family Matters
1:23:30 – 1:48:00 - Lost Girl, Episodes 7 & 8: ArachnoFaebia & Vexed
1:48:00 – 1:49:30 - What’s on TV this week & what we’ll be talking about next week
1:49:30 – 1:50:35 – Outro

Show Notes:
Poll Results:
We also mention Mark Pellegrino and the numerous morally ambiguous characters like Lucifer on Supernatural, his character on Lost and we will see him again in the upcoming North American version of Being Human.

Supernatural: Is Sam Really Sam? He's Part-Sam: 66%, No: 25%, Yes: 8%.
Vampire Diaries: Is Katherine Using Mason? Yes: 77%, Jury is Still Out: 22%, No: 0%
Haven: Will we see The Chief in Season 2? No: 60%, Yes: 40%

What Your Watching/Going to Watch (see new poll up for *just* The Walking Dead):
  • Paranormal State: 58%
  • The Walking Dead: 35%
  • Being Human: 29%
  • Dead Set: 5%
  • Todd and the Book of Pure Evil: 5%
True Blood: What Did You Think Of Season 3?
  • Enjoyed It: 50%
  • Tie: Didn't Love It / Worst Season So Far / Didn't Watch It: 16%
  • Tie: Awesome! It was the best so far! / Entertaining, but not the best season: 0%
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Mark Pentleton said...

Just a comment to say well done on your Danish! We're glad you're enjoying using our One Minute Danish course and I've passed this on to our Danish teacher Karin!

Best wishes,

Director, Radio Lingua Network

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Thank you so much for your comment, Mark!

I love the One Minute Danish (and have been working away at it for quite some time now!) and I'm hoping in 2011 to make it though all of the One Minute programs. I think that is officially my first goal of the new year :)