Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall 2010 Line Up for Supernatural & Paranormal TV!


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No podcast today folks, with two of the regular shows we talk about not being on due to Labour Day weekend (Haven, True Blood) and with Suzie missing The Gates this week, it would have been a bit of an odd cast. Instead of chatting we have for you a run down of the returning & new paranormal & supernatural TV. And some of these start very, very soon - in fact Vampire Diaries returns tomorrow! Oh, my!

Returning Shows
  • The Vampire Diaries Season 2 begins Thurs Sept 9
  • Fringe Season 3 begins Thurs Sept 23
  • Medium Season 7 begins Friday Sept 24
  • Smallville Season 10 begins Friday Sept 24
  • Supernatural Season 6 begins Friday Sept 24 (new night!)
New Shows
  • Lost Girl (features a succubus) Starts Sunday Sept 12 on Showcase
  • The Event (Alien invasion/conspiracy) Starts Monday Sept 20
  • No Ordinary Family (post-accident a family develops superpowers) Starts Tuesday Sept 28
Non Paranormal, but may appeal to genre fans for other reasons
  • Castle – stars Nathan Fillian ("Firefly") - Seasons 3 starts Monday Sept 20, 2010
  • Hawaii Five-0 – Stars Alex O’Loughlin ("Moonlight"), Daniel Dae Kim ("Lost" and Grace Park ("Battlestar Galactica") - Debuts Monday Sept 20
  • Undercovers – A regular couple were previously CIA agents, created by JJ Abrams ("Lost", Star Trek). Debuts Wednesday Sept 22
  • Nikita – Same principle as the film La Femme Nikita, woman turned spy turns against agency - Debuts Thurs Sept 9
  • Merlin - British series screens this side of the pond on Space, Season 2 starts Saturday Sept 11
Be sure to check your local listings for show times & start times in your area.

Sounds like we are heading into a pretty stellar fall line up for paranormal, supernatural and more fun shows on TV! Anything you'll be watching that isn't on the list? Have a most anticipated series this year? Let us know what it is!

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Suzie Ridler said...

Fascinating that starting tomorrow the new shows will be streaming in and yet this week there is nothing to talk about! Well, thanks to me screwing up my PVR and to a weird telethon on Sunday night. It's going to be fun though!