Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ep 30: Paranormal TV from Sept 23-27, 2010


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Another action packed week of paranormal TV with 4 shows to catch about including the much anticipated Season 6 premiere of Supernatural! From dopplegnagers to werewolves, faes & vampire Suzie & Shannon are chat there way through Vampire Diaries, Lost Girl, Haven & Supernatural that aired between Sept 23 – 27, 2010. We also chat listener feedback during out Lost Girl discussion.

0:00 – 1:00 - Introduction
1:00 – 5:40 - News: Todd and the Book of Real Evil & Paranormal State
5:40 – 29:09 – Vampire Diaries, Season 2 Episode 3 – Bad Moon Rising
29:09 – 45:00 – Lost Girl, Season 1 Episode 3 – Oh Kappa, My Kappa
45:00 –1:05:00 - Haven, Episode 11 - The Trial of Audrey Parker
1:05:00 – 1:37:00 - Supernatural, Season 6 Episode 1 – Exile on Main Street
1:37:00 – 1:45:24 – General TV talk & & what we’ll be talking about next week
1:45:24 – 1:46:28 – Outro

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Shell said...

I couldn't wait to hear your thoughts about Supernatural. I was disappointed with the episode. I have no love for his new cousins and wary of his grandfather. (I'm always happy to see Skinner.)
I also felt bad for Dean. He went through this whole year thinking Sam is dead. And all these things were kept from him.
Like you both said, Supernatural is known for turning things on it's head. I'm still looking forward to the rest of the season.

Suzie Ridler said...

Hi Shell! Thanks so much for your comment, I adore you and am thrilled you wanted to talk about Supernatural. It sounds like we are definitely on the same page and are hurting for Dean. Ugh! I do hope they turns things about for the boys, right now I am not enjoying the first two episodes that much! Hope it improves soon.