Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bitten Images ~ Mutts All Around

L to R The Mutts are Noah Danby (Cain), Pascal Langdale (Marsten) and Curtis Caravaggio (Leblanc)

We now get to see some of the werewolf mutt baddies of Bitten! Here we have Noah Danby as Cain, Pascal Langdale as Marsten and Curtis Caravaggio as Leblanc. I have to say, I'm liking the looks they are going for with these guys and instantly knew who each character was.

It's been wild to be reading the book Bitten by Kelley Armstrong as the casting news and images have been released. I literally saw these images just a day or so after I read the part of the book that looks like what these images are from. Usually I really hate seeing images so close to reading, but I've decided to relax and just embrace it with Bitten. It's fun to see things come out just as they are forming in my own mind.

These images add to the already announced roster of the Bitten cast including Laura Vandervoort as Elana, Greyston Holt as Clayton, Greg Bryk as Jeremy, Paul Greene as Phillip, Paulino Nunes as Antonio Sorrentino, Steve Lund as Nick Sorrentino, Natalie Brown as Diane, Michael Xavier as Logan, Genelle Williams as Rachel and Joel Keller as werewolf Peter.

Bitten is based on the Kelley Armstrong books and will have 13 one-hour episodes that are scheduled to hit Space in early 2014.

L to R The Mutts are Noah Danby (Cain), Curtis Caravaggio (Leblanc) and Pascal Langdale (Marsten)

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