Monday, April 5, 2010

Episode 9: Vampire Diaries & Supernatural April 1, 2010


Episode 9 is now live

On this week's episode of Hexed: Sisterhood of the Supernatural, Suzie & Shannon continue to enjoy new episodes of Vampire Diaries & Supernatural! As always, we talk about the shows in depth and highly encourage watching the episodes before listening.

Show Notes:
0:00 – 1:10 - Introduction
1:10 – 2:30 - News: Blog for the Site:
2:30 – 33:10 – Vampire Diaries, Season 1 Episode 16 - There Goes the Neighbourhood
33:10 – 1:03:45 - Supernatural, Season 5 Episode 16 - Dark Side of the Moon
1:03:45 – 1:04:20 - What’s on TV this week & what we’ll be talking about next week
1:04:20 – 1:05:19 – Outro

Hexed: Sisterhood of the Supernatural
All Supernatural TV, All the Time.

Nina Dobrev was born in Bulgaria
What’s the name of the Restaurant

Musical Connections:
And the random Korn song Shannon was thinking of in reference to Vampire Diaries title was “Keep them Separated”, although retrospectively it looks like it could be more applicable to this weeks episode of Supernatural.
Vampire Diaries title “There Goes The Neighbourhood” is a song by Sheryl Crow
Supernatural title “Dark Side of the Moon” is by Pink Floyd

Movie Connections in Supernatural discussion:
Star Trek: Generations “The Nexus”

Poll Results from Last Week:

Vampire Diaries: Do You Like the Elana’s Mother Storyline
Bring Back Katherine: 66%
Yes: 33%
No: 0%

Supernatural: Who Do You Lean To
Dean: 66%
Sam: 33%

Supernatural: Would Bobby have Answered the Phone:
Yes: 66%
No: 33%

Thanks everyone for voting on the polls, new ones are up for your enjoyment!


Anonymous said...

But if Anna was turned into a vampire 4 centuries ago like Pearl, she'd be more powerful then Damon. But when Damon first confronts Anna in her motel room, their powers are equal.

To his credit, Jeremy seems to have figure out that Anna is a vampire a lot quicker then Elena did with Stefan. Plus only boring-faced Stefan would think double dating with his exes and new partners would be fun.

Stefan's the heartthrob of the bulimia nervosa ward of the hospital.

Plus when the teenyboppers were shocked that the adults were at the Mystic Grill, I laughed. I mean it's the only hang-out in this small town. Where else would they be?

Anonymous said...

Harper being subservient. Remember, Harper was trapped in the tomb during slavery?

But did you noticed how many times they used Harper's name.

There are too many rings floating around. At this point, the vamps might as well sparkle.

Elena and everybody had to pause because we needed this episode to make Stefan seem fun. 15 episodes and most people either don't realize that Stefan is the protagonist of this series or if they do, they don't care about his storyline.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Oh - good point on Anna being stronger than Damon if she was Pearl's biological daughter - good call! I guess we'll have to see how that progresses.

Harper's name was said a lot, weird. Considering the timing it's possible he could have been in the tomb during slavery. Wonder where that will go.

Surprized at the no-love-for-Stefan vibe going on. He ain't my fave but so far I've had no problems with him and his character has been way more interesting than I thought it would be.

I would disagree on calling Stefan the protagonist. All three of Stefan, Damon and Elana are featured strongly in the show but if 1 person is the protagonist, it's Elana. That's my 2cents.

cassi said...

Hi girls, Just found your podcast on twitter via tvdnews. I really like your discussion style. I listen to a few Supernatural podcast but so far I was missing a TVD podcast and now I have one that even talks about SPN AND TVD, LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

You disagreeing about the protagonist being Stefan proves my point because I didn't think so until I read an interview with Kevin Williamson (head writer, executive producer) saying that Stefan is the actual protagonist. I would have said Elena too or Damon, but it's pretty telling that we both didn't realize it's Stefan.

Suzie Ridler said...

Yes, that is a very good point about the time period and how being a former slave would have effected Harper's personality. Maybe he will end up being a main character in some way?

Well I can't get the timeline figured out at all then! Or maybe it's just bad writing but I hope it isn't and they will explain the power dynamics better and when Damon & Stefan actually because vampires and how.

I personally really like Stefan, not crazy about him but I do like him very much and I like his relationship with Elana a lot. Me too Shannon, I agree that the show is more around Elana than Stefan.

Thanks so much for the link Anon. What's weird is they also said they are trying to stay true to the books which, correct me if I am wrong Shannon, Shannon says are really nothing like the show. Weird!

I want to know where the diaries went though? Hello? No more writing in the graveyard?!

Cassi, thank you so much for your comment! Can I tell you I am thrilled that you enjoyed our podcast? Glad you're having fun with us!

Anonymous said...

I guess my point is look at it from the writers/producers' POV.

Imagine you were writing a serious drama and everybody thought it was a comedy. They aren't insulting your work in their head, but it would have to make you wonder how you writing this series so off base that people get the idea of your show wrong.

I don't think of Stefan as the protagonist and neither to the two of you, and that's fine. But if you're Kevin Williamson, and you're written this series with Stefan's storyline being the main one then "not crazy about him" and "ain't my fave" aren't exactly stuff you'd want to read about your protagonist. That how come I think they do these silly "double dates" or the kidnapping in the next episode. The producers/writer realize that they've got at least 3 seasons to fill up and they might as try now to make up like Stefan more and care about his personal storyline more then a lot of the audience already does.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Thanks for listening & your comment Cassi! I'm glad that you enjoyed the show :)

Thanks for sending the link to the article Anon. I didn't read all of it cuz it started to infer where the series was going, but in reference to the protagonist, it's the interview that says it - not the writer/producer. He answers the question with a joke, but doesn't confirm or deny the statement.

I don't know how they can consider Stefan the protagonist though, we can go whole episodes without any development in his storyline. In fact, very little has developed for him in comparison to the other character.

Vampire Diaries is extremely popular and has a strong online culture. If the fans and viewers are interpreting it differently then the people creating the show imagined, they have lots of opportunity for course correction.

Anonymous said...

Williamson is asked about how interesting Damon is, but he answer about how Stefan's has the ultimate arch of the series. I think it's fair for the interviewer to take that to mean Stefan (not Damon) is the protagonist in Williamson's mind.

"we can go whole episodes without any development in his storyline." I thought so too, but you think about, he actually does a lot within episode that I either don't notice or don't care about with I think it a combination of Paul Wesley's dry acting and look and the flaws in that character. But I agree that while he might DO or EMOTE a lot during an episode, his character never really develops from where he was in the pilot.

I think this past episode with the bringing flowers and bromance with Matt and next week's kidnapping are exactly how you put it, "course corrections." The one thing that bugs me about them is that I don't think it will work since Stefan's not a Louis in "Interview with a Vampire"-type and while Louis was more philosophical (What is good or evil, is there a God), Stefan's motives are not that deep (my big brother sucks, I want to date this orphaned 17-year-old). Also bugs me is that while they still are trying to develop interest in Stefan, they sacrifice time that could be spend on other storylines.

Sorry for rambling on and on about this and I very appreciate that you both read comments to your website as well taking the time and effort to think and type out responses. VERY CLASSY!

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Please no spoilers from upcoming episodes!

Suzie Ridler said...

It's fun to talk with everyone about the shows but yes, please, no spoilers! We work hard to avoid spoilers for our listeners so please, don't spoil it for anyone else. Thank you!

Shell said...

I have been meaning to listen to you ladies. I totally enjoyed your discussion on Supernatural. (I don't watch Vampire Diaries, though I did read the books.)
When Dean called God another dead beat dead that just got to me. I have no idea how they are going to beat the Devil and the angels. I'm hoping there will be 11th hour help for Sam and Dean.
I also want I luv hugs shirt that Dean wore too.

Suzie Ridler said...

So glad you came and listened Shell. You can totally skip the Vampire Diaries stuff and fast forward to our discussions about Supernatural.

I totally agree, when he asked for help, broke my heard. The show is getting tougher and tougher emotionally for me to watch too. I hope they come up with a fantastic idea for defeating the devil and angels. I really do.

I want that t-shirt too!!!! So cute. Still makes me smile.